From the Buran to the Caspian Sea Monster: 5 epic Soviet projects

The Tu-144 supersonic passenger jet entered service 43 years ago – to mark the date, RT has compiled a list of equally epic Soviet tech marvels. Some started legacies, others were forgotten, and some are still kicking today. Tu-144, the ‘Soviet Concorde’ One of only two commercial supersonic transport planes – the other being the […]

Film unearthed from WWII trench reveals faces of Soviet fighters who battled against Nazis (VIDEO)

A photo from a Leica camera, which spent 77 years buried in a WWII trench near Russia’s southern city of Rostov-on-Don, has been restored by researchers, revealing a stunning image of volunteers fighting Nazis. A team of amateur archeologists, devoted to recovering remains and artifacts from WWII sites, made the discovery when they unearthed the […]

UK Foreign Secretary likens EU to both Soviet Union and a prison, brings down a twitterstorm

Whether it was the impact of Russia or a desire to get out a good sound bite, but the UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt compared EU to the Soviet Union and a prison. No way that could have gone down well on social media. Trying to warn Brussels against rejecting UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit […]

A list of the similarities between Silicon Valley and the Soviet Union went viral over the weekend

Public domain Silicon Valley has a tendency to be mocked — there’s even an entire HBO comedy centered around the absurdities of living and working there.  But one Twitter user approached this subject in a new way: comparing the tech capital of the world to the former Soviet Union. Anton Troynikov created a Twitter thread […]

Photographing the brutally beautiful bus stops of the former Soviet Union

Christopher Herwig May 4, 2018 Share this article After stumbling across a peculiarly artistic bus stop in Lithuania, photographer Christopher Herwig began seeking out these Soviet relics with intent. His photos have since been published across two dedicated books and in magazines and journals around the world. As told to Oliver Pelling Around 15 or […]

Escape from a Nazi death camp: Film on Soviet prisoner-led revolt in Sobibor to premiere in April

Based on a true story of how a Soviet officer led a daring revolt at a Nazi death camp in Poland, ‘Sobibor’ is set to screen in late April. The film aims to preserve the historical truth about mass murders of Soviet POWs and Jews. Located on the Polish territory not far from the Ukrainian […]

Soviet toxin research was smuggled out and continued in other countries, including US – OPCW envoy

The ‘Novichok’ nerve agent allegedly used in the Sergei Skripal attack likely came from a country were Russian chemists were taken after the Soviet Union collapsed to continue their research, Russia’s OPCW envoy told RT. “As for ‘Novichok,’ there was never a scientific program under such a codename in the Russian Federation,” Alexander Shulgin, Russia’s […]

Star that never fades – Soviet ice hockey legend Valeri Kharlamov would have turned 70 today

Soviet ice hockey idol Valeri Kharlamov, the World and Olympic Champion still considered one of the best players ever to put on skates, would have turned 70 on January 14 if not for his tragic passing in a car crash 36 years ago. During his glittering sports career spanning 13 years, Kharlamov won two Olympic […]

Plan was floated to wipe Soviet debt in exchange for nuclear disarmament, files show

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 10:22 Britain was urged to write off billions of dollars of Soviet debt in return for nuclear disarmament, declassified documents show. The 1991 plan was designed to stop nukes falling into the wrong hands after the USSR collapsed. Then-British Prime Minister John Major received a letter from Jacques Attali, head […]

The tragic tale of Soviet gymnastics star Elena Mukhina

Eleven years ago, former gymnastics star Elena Mukhina, whose life and sports career were ruined by a tragic training accident, passed away in Moscow at the age of 46. Mukhina, the embodiment of elegance and strength, sacrificed her life and health in attempt to win an Olympic medal for her country. Her tragic story, which […]