Aspirin can HALVE risk of some deadly cancers, a study has found

Scientists said taking a low dose for at least six months can reduce the chances of being struck down by almost 50 per cent. A study involving more than 600,000 people found the common over-the-counter drug was especially effective against types of the killer disease which start in the digestive system. The risk of cancers […]

Anti-cancer diet: Eating 420g of CHEAP vegetable could help gut ‘prevent’ cancers

Scientists have discovered that eating broccoli could help promote a healthy gut, and consequently help “prevent” some cancers. Researchers at Penn State discovered that adding the cheap vegetable into your diet could help digestion and symptoms similar to leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition claimed by many to be linked to serious illnesses such […]

Bloating or bleeding: Symptoms of the FIVE gynaecological cancers YOU should know

The diseases can present in very many different ways and are often not identified as early as they could be. More than 21,000 women in the UK are diagnosed each year with a gynaecological cancer, which equates to 58 diagnoses each day, according to figures by charity The Eve Appeal. Vulval cancer Vulval cancer affects […]