TV’s One-Hit Wonders: Pitch, Bunheads, Baker and the Beauty, Forever and 40+ More Shows That Ended Too Soon

To paraphrase a famous saying: ‘Tis better to have loved a TV show, and lost it after one season, than never to have loved at all. Throughout the years, TV fans have loved and lost a lot of quality series, too many of which were axed after just one season despite their massive potential. Now […]

TV’s One-Hit Wonders: The Passage, Selfie, The Kids Are Alright and 40+ More Shows That Left Too Soon

The month of May was a brutal one for TV fans, as more than a dozen series — both rookies and veterans alike — got a visit from the Grim Reaper. And though we mean no disrespect to shows like Life in Pieces and Speechless (which got the ax after multiple seasons), we’re still mourning the […]

Century: Eastern Wonders makes cardboard spice trading fun again

Enlarge (credit: Owen Duffy) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at In 2017, newly founded tabletop studio Plan B Games released Century: Spice Road. A tight, brain-teasing card game, Spice Road cast players as merchants trading spices on the overland route between Europe […]

He Powers the Wheeled Wonders Behind Hollywood's Hit Machine

He doesn’t have any social media accounts. Or an email address. He doesn’t care for it and doesn’t need it. When people need to talk to David Haddad, they just call Chloe Burns in Pittsburgh. Haddad himself? He’s in Los Angeles, we’re told. Then, maybe, New York City, Atlanta or Detroit. And, oh yeah, he’s […]

The Underwater Wonders of Manon Le Roy

Shit blows up. Cars crash. Guns fire. Fade to black, credits roll. That’s one way to go. Another way? Hot-topic set pieces with dense dialog and Oscar-caliber acting. And forget the auteur theory: “Most directors in 2018 are as responsible for the final product as grocery clerks are for what you had for dinner,” says […]

Hyper-efficient gas engines, next-gen wind turbines, and more early-stage wonders

Enlarge / A crop monitoring robot: Like a Roomba, but with more sensors and responsibility. (credit: Megan Geuss) NATIONAL HARBOR, MD—Last week’s ARPA-E summit was full of big ideas about the future of energy, and nowhere was that more evident than on the summit’s show floor. In the basement of the sprawling Gaylord Hotel and […]

Discover the wonders of bustling Antwerp in one short trip

GETTY Antwerp’s bustling atmosphere and deep culture makes for an amazing trip He looks like an ordinary tourist, dressed in casual clothing, but what’s inside his luggage marks him out as different. “There are probably around £2 million-worth of uncut diamonds in there,” my guide, Ariane, casually explains. Ariane is showing me round Antwerp’s famous […]