Manon review: The ENB's latest triumph is exquisitely beautiful – Do not miss

What is the point of ballet? In a modern world of multimedia do we really need pointe shoes and tulle? The sheer beauty of what the ENB has produced on stage in this latest production should be argument enough, but Manon is also a powerful and pertinent social commentary. Sure, there are pretty girls and […]

The Royal Ballets Manon review: A beloved masterpiece

With some of Jules Massenet’s most beautiful and expressive music danced within Nicholas Georgiadis’s huge, dark and deeply evocative 18th-century designs, the work has a depth and complexity involving the whole company. MacMillan surges through Paris’s underbelly dealing with individuals and crowds with equal dramatic impact, telling a tragic tale with a romantic spin. An […]

The Underwater Wonders of Manon Le Roy

Shit blows up. Cars crash. Guns fire. Fade to black, credits roll. That’s one way to go. Another way? Hot-topic set pieces with dense dialog and Oscar-caliber acting. And forget the auteur theory: “Most directors in 2018 are as responsible for the final product as grocery clerks are for what you had for dinner,” says […]