10 Nixed Spinoffs We Wish We’d Seen: Buffy, Gossip Girl, The Office and More

Would you have watched a show focused on Buffy‘s Faith? How about one in which The Office‘s Dwight runs a farm? Or a teen drama starring Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter as a pair of Gossip girls in 1980s Los Angeles? So. Would. We. That’s what makes this gallery so bittersweet. It’s a reminder of […]

Sure, We’d Love to See Netflix Ratings, But What Would They Even Look Like?

RELATED STORIES Netflix‘s intermittent, self-reported “ratings” are famously met with scrutiny. But supposing the streaming giant — or any of its established peers, such as Hulu and Amazon — did cave and regularly disclose ratings for their “binge” releases. Has anyone thought about what that data would or should even look like? For a long while, […]

DNA data from Africans reveals sequences that we’d missed

Enlarge / The first printout of the human genome to be presented as a series of books, displayed in the ‘Medicine Now’ room at the Wellcome Collection, London. (credit: Russ London at English Wikipedia) The human genome sequence, first published in 2001, has some important information missing. The latest version of it, called GRCh38, has […]

Global Survey Reveals Who We’d Prefer to Sacrifice on the Bumper of a Self-driving Car

In 2014, as publications and automakers began making greater noise about autonomous vehicles, researchers at MIT’s Media Lab issued some questions to the public. The institute’s Moral Machines experiment offered up a series of scenarios in which a self-driving car that has lost its brakes has to hit one of two targets, then asked the respondents which […]

MORGAN STANLEY: Internet companies could be stuck ‘in the penalty box’ for a while — here are the corners of tech we’d rather own

Reuters/Nick Didlick Large internet companies like Facebook and Alphabet are under scrutiny for how their users’ data is handled.  Morgan Stanley’s equity strategists are among those cautious on internet stocks. Instead, they’re recommending two subsectors that aren’t facing the same turmoil.  Tech companies have taken a beating in the stock market of late, but Morgan Stanley’s […]

‘We’d love to use the cash’: Big pharma’s getting ready to spend tax reform dollars on big deals

Evan Vucci/AP There’s a lot of anticipation for big-ticket pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions to take off in 2018. That’s in large part because of the tax reform that passed in 2017, which frees up cash companies have overseas and lowers the corporate tax rate.  “We’d love to use the cash to buy and partner to […]

How We’d Spec It: The $37,000 Almost Base Jeep Wrangler JL Because They’re All Expensive Now

– Jeep’s all-new 2018 Wrangler JL is nearly here, and so, too, is a nascent online configurator that lets you build your own. So far, Jeep is only allowing window shoppers to assemble Wranglers equipped with the standard 3.6-liter V-6 gasoline engine; the hybridized turbocharged four-cylinder and diesel V-6 powertrains aren’t represented yet. Even so, Jeep […]

What We’d Like to See in Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Yesterday, Lucasfilm dropped one of the year’s biggest pieces of movie news: Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is set to develop a brand new trilogy of Star Wars movies with no connection to the Skywalker Saga. And because we love Star Wars and because we the previous work of Rian Johnson (Brick, […]