‘UK & US want OPCW powers expanded to justify future attacks against Syria’

London’s effort to empower the UN chemical watchdog with the right to assign guilt serves Western interests in finding loopholes and justifications for new attacks against Damascus, investigative journalist Rick Sterling told RT. “The UK in alliance with the US is hoping to have the OPCW able to assign blame and provide a rationale for […]

Russia censors coverage of opposition guy’s arrest, media cries foul… replace with ‘UK’ & ‘Robinson’

Imagine the flood of sanctimonious media headlines if Russia were to prevent the hacks from reporting on the trial of a high-profile activist such as Aleksey Navalny. Now imagine such a ban existed in the UK. Oh, wait, it does… Imagine this: Navalny, a highly-polarizing and outspoken opponent of the Russian government, beloved by the […]

‘UK behaving like Saudi Arabia’: Geert Wilders calls for release of Tommy Robinson

Anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders has criticized the arrest of Tommy Robinson, who was detained last week after drawing attention to a trial of an alleged Muslim child abuse gang,“ as an attack on free speech. “I am here because I am shocked and outraged. What happened in the United Kingdom last week is an […]

‘UK Parliament, not Trump, should set its foreign policy’ – Sturgeon on British strikes in Syria

The UK Parliament, not US President Donald Trump, should define British foreign policy, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, criticizing Theresa May’s decision to join the US-led military intervention in Syria. The main question that the British PM hasn’t answered yet is how “this action” against Damascus “taken without parliamentary approval,” will halt the use […]

‘UK makes light sabers, Russia makes Novichok,’ Johnson brags – but what about Saudi weapons sales?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson bragged about the UK’s cultural influence, claiming its “arsenals” carried the “power of imagination.” The bold statement came from a principle facilitator of civilian deaths in Yemen. Speaking at the Lord Mayor’s Easter Banquet in London, Johnson had a message to deliver: despite withdrawing from the EU, Britain remains a global team […]

Diabetes is ‘storming the UK’ – Five ways to lower your risk of condition revealed

Diabetes type 2 accounts for 90 per cent of all diabetes cases in the UK. Obesity – a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes – has more than tripled in the UK over the last 30 years, latest statistics have revealed. Symptoms of diabetes include feeling very thirsty, weight loss, fatigue, and urinating more often than […]

‘There are no unemployed people in the UK’: Chancellor makes spectacular gaffe on air (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Nov, 2017 15:19 As the Tory party struggles to put out the fires from multiple public gaffes ahead of this week’s budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond has claimed “there are no unemployed people in the UK.” In a discussion on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Hammond tried to draw comparisons with the […]

THESE are the cleanest beaches in the UK… yet some are STILL second to worst in the EU

There is nothing worse than walking along a beach strewn with rubbish. For any traveller looking for the perfect beach break in the UK this May bank holiday, then all has been revealed over which are the cleanest beaches. Keep Britain Tidy researched all of the beaches throughout the UK to celebrate 30 years of […]