HTC, amidst a major revenue decline, brags about its VR revenue

Enlarge (credit: HTC) Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC used its position as a VR headset maker to shoot back at the industry’s critics on Thursday. The resulting story HTC tells is an interesting one, both because it makes new claims about VR revenue figures and because any brags from beleaguered HTC about revenue drip with irony […]

Arizona lawmaker brags about doing 140 mph, later says he was joking

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‘UK makes light sabers, Russia makes Novichok,’ Johnson brags – but what about Saudi weapons sales?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson bragged about the UK’s cultural influence, claiming its “arsenals” carried the “power of imagination.” The bold statement came from a principle facilitator of civilian deaths in Yemen. Speaking at the Lord Mayor’s Easter Banquet in London, Johnson had a message to deliver: despite withdrawing from the EU, Britain remains a global team […]

Tesla’s Musk Brags on Model 3, Gives More Details on Model Y and Semi

– Tesla Model 3 reservations, which have passed the 400,000 mark, continue to track upward. And as CEO Elon Musk mused this week, Tesla isn’t even trying. “We antisell the Model 3, but our net reservations continue to climb week after week,” Musk said. “No advertising, antiselling, nothing to test drive . . . still grows […]

SNL Cold Open: Trump Brags About Bombing Syria, Dodges Questions

Alec Baldwin made his umpteenth appearance as President Donald Trump this weekend, returning to Saturday Night Live in a sketch that found the Commander-in-Chief taking questions from some of his most dedicated supporters during a random pit stop in Union, Kentucky. RELATEDSNL to Air Live Nationally, Announces Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pine as Hosts After […]