Strictly Come Dancing star thought series would be ‘car crash TV’

This year’s show has not been without controversy as it has come under fire for a few of its elimination decisions.  Viewers were left outraged when judges saved Mike and Katya over Catherine Tyldesley during Halloween week.  Last week, they saved the pair again and sent Viscountess Emma Weymouth home.  However, Craig defended the judges decision and said: “It is […]

Ordeal by Innocence: Viewers declare BBC drama series the ‘best show on TV’ after debut

Ordeal by Innocence has been dubbed the “best show on TV” as viewers rave about the Agatha Christie adaptation following its debut episode. The new BBC drama, which was meant to be released in December last year, is centred around the mysterious murder of Rachel Argyll (played Anna Chancellor), a rich philanthropist and mother to […]

“Free TV” box lawyer says video industry is “digging its own grave”

Enlarge / The Dragon Box. (credit: Dragon Media) The entertainment industry is lining up against the maker of a “free TV” box in a lawsuit that alleges piracy, but the defendant’s lawyer says the industry is in for a difficult and dangerous fight. “I think this is a very, very dangerous lawsuit by plaintiffs,” lawyer […]

Netflix, Amazon, and major studios sue maker of “free TV” box

Enlarge (credit: The Dragon Box) Netflix, Amazon, and the major film studios have sued the makers of “The Dragon Box,” a device that connects to TVs and lets users watch video without a cable TV or streaming service subscription. Joining Netflix and Amazon as plaintiffs in the suit are Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Will Be the “Greatest Thing That’s Ever Aired On TV,” Claims Jason Momoa

Actors drumming up hype for the projects they’re involved with is a run-of-the-mill occurrence in Hollywood – so much so that we often don’t even bother writing about many of those kinds of quotes. But every once in a while, someone offers up a claim so ridiculous, so outrageous, and so sensational that we simply can’t ignore it. Today, that person is […]

BAFTA TV Awards 2017: Alan Carr SLAMS Holly Willoughby for being ‘p****d on TV’

Taking to the stage in an eye-catching blue fitted gown, Holly, 36, looked sensational as she presented the award for Virgin TV Must See Moments alongside the comic. But when the popular host started presenting the awards and said the category was full of unforgettable moments, Alan, 40, made a cheeky jibe. He said: “They […]

The Great Pottery Throw Down: Johnny Vegas shock hailed as ‘the most surreal moment on TV’

During the BBC series, which sees home potters compete to become the new champion of British pottery, Johnny – who boasts a degree in ceramics – was reunited with his former lecturer Kate Malone.  While the contestants looked on in wonder Johnny whipped out his apron and made an entire teapot in just 60 seconds.  […]

Merkel let in refugees ‘to avoid border clashes that would look bad on TV,’ claims insider book

A new book by a political journalist says that German leader Angela Merkel was on the verge of closing the borders instead of welcoming refugees, but was persuaded not to out of fear that images of violence would make her government unpopular. ‘Driven by Events: Merkel’s Refugee Policy’ by Robin Alexander, a journalist with Die […]

Amazon’s Patriot is a good example of how ‘peak TV’ inspires over-confidence in old ideas

Amazon’s Patriot isn’t bad, except for from an SEO perspective (“oh, here I am all of a sudden being reminded of a woefully inaccurate historical drama starring the very gross Mel Gibson or reading reviews of the 2017 Jeep Patriot, ‘the best priced SUV in America.’”). Created by Steve Conrad (the writer behind The Secret […]