Star Wars 9 title reveal: Shocking new revelation from Lucasfilm insider – Is this true?

There are still ten months to go, but fans are getting impatient. A Star Wars movie has never left it so late to reveal the title. A recent leak started a frenzy with the claim that Episode 9 was called ‘ Balance of the Force.’ The general response was not particularly enthusiastic. So when will it […]

Interested in working for Business Insider Intelligence? Check out these opportunities!

bbernard/Shutterstock Business Insider Intelligence is a premium research service provided by Business Insider. We specialize in business intelligence and data-driven research that provides deep analytical insight into the latest global trends and developments. Tailored for today’s most forward-thinking business professionals, we bring industry research and insight directly to your inbox daily. Who we are looking for: […]

Cruise secrets: Insider reveals SHOCKING truth about food on cruise ships

Cruise ship illnesses can easily spread on board and are often related to the food served. If food is off or equipment is dirty it doesn’t take much for sickness to spread throughout the passengers and crew. Fortunately, cruise inspections are carried out on ships to make sure proper sanitation and food storage rules are […]

Latest Windows Insider build makes a major upgrade to, uh… Notepad

Enlarge (credit: g4ll4is / Flickr) There’s a new Windows Insider build out today, and the biggest changes appear to be none other than Notepad, Windows’ venerable barebones text editor. Notepad already received a significant update in the recent October 2018 Update: Microsoft added support for files with Unix-style line endings. But the work hasn’t stopped […]

Avengers 4 Annihilation LEAKER reveals how got TITLE, claims ‘Disney insider leaked FIRST’

Last week MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad claimed he had learnt the title of Marvel‘s Avengers 4 was Avengers Annihilation. While some outlets and fans discredited him, he’s now released a video defending his action of leaking the title, explained how he found it out and why he chose to make it public. Speaking in a […]

Man Utd insider reveals exact reason why players are AGAINST Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has lost the support of the dressing room and could lose his job after this weekend’s Premier League clash with Newcastle. Manchester United have gone four games without a win and Jose Mourinho is on the brink of the sack. He has clashed with Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez and club captain Antonio Valencia. And, […]

‘Treason or fake news?’ Trump urges NYT to reveal its White House ‘resistance’ insider

Furious over an article, allegedly penned by a senior official who claims to be a part of the White House resistance working against Trump, the US leader has urged the New York Times to reveal its “phony” anonymous source. “TREASON?” Trump tweeted in response to the piece entitled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside […]

Business Insider launches new show called ‘Business Insider Today’ — watch the first episode here

Business Insider Today Business Insider just launched a new show on Facebook Watch called “Business Insider Today.” Watch the first episode below. Business Insider has launched a new show called “Business Insider Today.” The new daily show breaks down how the biggest business news affects you, and gives viewers the opportunity to learn about the […]

Cleveland Browns cut Mychal Kendricks amidst charges of insider trading just 2 months after signing him to the team

AP Photo/Tony Dejak The Cleveland Browns released linebacker Mychal Kendricks after federal prosecutors charged him with insider trading. Kendricks admitted his wrongdoing in a statement shortly after the charges were made public. While Kendricks is no longer on the Browns roster, there’s a chance that he could still get paid by the franchise if he […]