RT editor-in-chief spoke to UK’s suspects in Skripal case, interview to be aired later today

Published time: 13 Sep, 2018 07:36 Edited time: 13 Sep, 2018 07:55 RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan spoke to the two men London named as suspects in the Skripal case, and the interview is set to be aired soon. Earlier, Putin said they are civilians and “there is nothing criminal about them.” DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s […]

A local news station in Chicago accidentally aired a graphic that referred to the host city of the Winter Olympics as ‘P.F. Chang’

WLS-Ch.7 A local Chicago station made an embarrassing gaffe on Saturday when a graphic accidentally advertised “P.F. Chang 2018” as the host city for the Winter Olympics. The station quickly owned up to the mistake and apologized, saying the error was due to a mix-up with a graphic created for a separate, satirical piece. The […]

NBC’s tape-delayed broadcast of Red Gerard’s gold medal was spoiled just minutes before the race aired on TV

NBC Most viewers watching the Olympics on NBC on Saturday night assumed that the events being shown were live. It turned out the men’s slopestyle event was on a 30-minute tape-delay. The USOC congratulated American Red Gerard for winning the first gold of the Olympics for the US, about 15 minutes before his final run […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Will Be the “Greatest Thing That’s Ever Aired On TV,” Claims Jason Momoa

Actors drumming up hype for the projects they’re involved with is a run-of-the-mill occurrence in Hollywood – so much so that we often don’t even bother writing about many of those kinds of quotes. But every once in a while, someone offers up a claim so ridiculous, so outrageous, and so sensational that we simply can’t ignore it. Today, that person is […]

EastEnders: Viewers left BAFFLED as they believe BBC aired WRONG episode: ‘So confused!’

On Friday night, fans of the BBC One soap feared for Kush Kazemi’s (played by Davood Ghadami) life as he underwent life-changing heart surgery after being told he was suffering from Brugada Syndrome. However in the latest instalment, Kush appeared to have made a miraculous full recovery as he was next seen sitting in the […]

Only Fools and Horses 'LOST' episode scenes to be aired for the first time

The never-before-seen show, filmed in 1984 and titled ‘Licensed to Drill’, is said to have been lying on a dusty shelf for years. It features Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad at the top of their game, and is especially significant as it was Lennard Pearce’s final appearance as Grandad before his death. In the episode, […]

ABC aired a show that could have brought America together, but no one noticed until Trump was president

BI ABC/Michael Ansell For eight seasons, ABC has aired a comedy called “The Middle.” It has never been a mega hit, but it has earned steady ratings. Critics like it, but it hasn’t generated the think pieces and day-after recaps popular among highbrow cable shows. Then Donald Trump became president. “It was sort of funny how […]

Here's A Refresher On What The Hell Happened Last Time “Pretty Little Liars” Aired

So, if you know anything about Pretty Little Liars, you’ll know that at first they were being terrorised by a mystery person named “A”. View this image › Well, we now know it turned out A was actually CeCe Drake aka Charlotte DiLaurentis, who was born Charles. Charles was shipped off to Radley as a […]

TV ads thanking Republicans for repealing Obamacare aired hours after the bill was abandoned

Screenshot via American Action Network/YouTube Two of the biggest news stories collided through the medium of television on Friday evening, as Americans watched the collapse of the American Health Care Act and their favorite NCAA teams play in the Sweet 16. Commercials thanking Republicans for repealing Obamacare aired near several conservative-leaning television markets — hours […]