Breaking Bad Refresher: Aaron Paul Recaps the Complete Series Ahead of El Camino Release — Watch Video

Need a Breaking Bad refresher ahead of El Camino? “Yeah, bitch!” — Jesse Pinkman’s got you covered. Aaron Paul hijacked Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on Wednesday to provide a terse recap of all 62 episodes, which he managed to get through in just under three (!) minutes. “There’s this chemistry teacher named Walt who gets cancer,” Paul […]

The Weekend Read: A ‘Twin Peaks’ Refresher, the Scariest Haunted House ever, and Two Very Different ‘Alien: Covenant’ Reviews

The Weekend Read compiles all of the /Film original features published in the past week. In this week’s line-up of reviews, lists, editorials and more, find two polar-opposite reviews of Alien: Covenant, a look at what may be the most terrifying haunted house experience ever concocted, a reminder of everything you should know before watching Twin […]

Here's A Refresher On What The Hell Happened Last Time “Pretty Little Liars” Aired

So, if you know anything about Pretty Little Liars, you’ll know that at first they were being terrorised by a mystery person named “A”. View this image › Well, we now know it turned out A was actually CeCe Drake aka Charlotte DiLaurentis, who was born Charles. Charles was shipped off to Radley as a […]