Some retail traders are turning to gambling addiction centers after a wild 2-year ride for stocks – but clinicians’ limited understanding of the condition and markets means help can be hard to come by

A croupier waits for gamblers at a table inside the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore April 27, 2010. Reuters/Pablo Sanchez There's been an uptick in retail investors checking into gambling treatment centers.  Treatment can be limited, as clinicians often don't understand the condition or the stock market.  That's left some addicted traders discouraged – […]

One group of traders is on pace to shatter performance records — here’s what they’re buying

Scott Olson / Getty Images Amid the turbulence that’s rocked the stock market this year, one group of traders is on pace for its best year on record. Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows just how well they’re doing so far in 2018, and explains which specific investment decisions have contributed to their success. As […]

Coming to grips with compliance and regulation for cryptocurrency traders

SPONSORED: Presented by Blockchain Terminal Cryptocurrencies are more than just a new asset class; they are a new investment paradigm. In a few short years the trading of crypto has gone from rudimentary peer-to-peer trades to being supported by an entire industry of platforms, exchanges, and tools. However, the trading ecosystem for crypto is stil…Read […]

Meet the traders, investors, and technologists pioneering crypto on Wall Street

BI This hasn’t been an easy year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitcoin, the largest crypto, is down more than 70% from its all-time highs set at the end of 2017, as regulators look to clamp down on exchanges and tech companies shun advertisements related to the nascent digital coin market.See the rest of the story at […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing has Facebook traders bracing for the worst as hedges surge

Reuters / Keith Bedford Mark Zuckerberg will face a Congressional hearing on Tuesday to address Facebook’s involvement with a political-research company that accessed 50 million user profiles illegitimately. Based on how stock traders are positioned, they’re expecting Facebook’s recent share price woes to continue. Follow Facebook’s stock here. Facebook‘s stock has taken a serious beating […]

GOLDMAN SACHS: Traders think these 15 companies are the most likely to get taken over this year

Reuters / Brendan McDermid Wall Street is expecting merger-and-acquisition activity to accelerate in 2018, and there’s a way to see which companies options traders think have the highest chance of being taken over. Goldman Sachs has singled out 15 companies whose options reflect high expectations of an acquisition. Wall Street is expecting a major uptick […]

Wall Street banks are at ‘an inflection point’ — and it’s bad news for traders

Morgan Stanley and Oliver Wyman just published their annual blue paper on wholesale banks and asset managers. The report highlights growing pressures on the asset management industry, which will in turn translate into added cost pressures for the wholesale banks that serve them. “We think we are at an inflection point,” the report reads. “Institutional and […]

Here’s why Gary Cohn is giving up and Republican free traders are losing to Trump

AP Republicans in Congress don’t want President Donald Trump to implement new tariffs on aluminum and steel. They can stop him from doing so, but they’re not. And they likely won’t do anything, not wanting to set up a fight with Trump. While we’re all talking about “Trump’s” tariff plan, I wrote on Monday that […]

Traders are fleeing the stock market in record numbers — but a pair of secret weapons are keeping it afloat

Getty Images / Ian Forsyth Investors pulled a record amount of money out of exchange-traded funds and mutual funds in the first three weeks of February, according to data from UBS. The firm says US stocks hung in there admirably considering this pressure and attributes their resilience to two secret weapons. February was not kind […]

The selloff continues: Here’s a super-quick guide to what traders are talking about right now

Reuters/Brendan McDermid Dave Lutz, head of ETFs at JonesTrading, has an overview of today’s markets. The US stock market looks like its heading for another day of selling, watch the Dow move in real time here. It’s the EU’s worst day since Brexit. Bitcoin dropped below 6,000, well off its highs near $ 20,000. Oil […]