Queen’s final flight becomes most tracked ever

Queen Elizabeth’s final flight on Tuesday has become the most tracked in history, according to an online service that gathers such data. Flightradar24 said that the Royal Air Force flight carrying the body of the late monarch from Edinburgh, Scotland, to RAF Northolt near London ahead of Monday’s state funeral was tracked by 5 million […]

A study tracked cancer patients using crowdfunding to pay for homeopathy. The results are troubling

A survey published in The Lancet journal tracked 220 cancer patients who turned to GoFundMe to pay for homeopathic treatment which is not based on modern science. At least 28 per cent of those patients died and research points to an increased risk of death among those who seek alternative treatments.

A man dropped his fiancee’s ring down a NYC grate after proposing and they walked away, but using social media, police tracked them down

@NYPDNews/Twitter The New York Police Department went above and beyond for one couple. Shortly after proposing in New York City, a man accidentally dropped his fiancé’s engagement ring down a NYC grate in Times Square. The police were able to recover the ring, clean it, and, with the help of social media, track down the […]

Google accused of tricking users into consenting to be tracked in breach of EU laws

Seven European countries are fighting back against Google’s invasive data collection, alleging the internet giant violated privacy laws by tracking users’ movements after obtaining their consent through deception. Google hoodwinks users into consenting to highly intrusive tracking measures using verbal trickery and misleading interface design, according to complaints filed by consumer agencies in the Netherlands, […]

GPS tracked the land sink under the weight of Hurricane Harvey’s rain

Enlarge (credit: US Coast Guard / Flickr) Shortly after Hurricane Harvey unleashed its flooding on Houston, we wrote about a remarkable observation shared by a scientist on Twitter: the weight of all that floodwater had measurably depressed the Earth’s crust. This week, a more detailed study of that observation was published in the journal Science […]

White Helmets must be tracked down & prosecuted for ‘war crimes’ – Syria’s Grand Mufti

Russia and Syria must hunt down and prosecute members of the White Helmets for “war crimes,” Syria’s Grand Mufti has said shortly after Israel “evacuated” a large number of the group’s members at the request of the US and Canada. “These people are not refugees. They are war criminals. I’d like to ask the governments […]

Kodi add-on shock as users given advice on how to stop being tracked

Kodi is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular online TV Players. The favoured software is now thought to have over 30 million users across the world and that number continues to grow at an alarming rate. Kodi is not illegal but it can be used to view premium content without a subscription via […]

13 million people tracked over 300 years to build massive human family tree

Enlarge (credit: MyHeritage) Using crowdsourced data from a social genealogy site, a team of geneticists put together a family tree that includes 13 million people. Researchers used this behemoth of a family tree to investigate how much heredity influences longevity and to track shifts in migration habits and marriage taboos in Europe and North America […]

‘I want somebody to pay attention’: Do-not-resuscitate requests rarely tracked in Canada

An unknown number of Canadians have completed a do-not-resuscitate form, asking that they not be revived if they are critical injured or ill. But across Canada, there is no assurance their wishes will be followed or even properly recorded. CBC | Health News