A study tracked cancer patients using crowdfunding to pay for homeopathy. The results are troubling

A survey published in The Lancet journal tracked 220 cancer patients who turned to GoFundMe to pay for homeopathic treatment which is not based on modern science. At least 28 per cent of those patients died and research points to an increased risk of death among those who seek alternative treatments.

Homeopathy is ‘DANGEROUS’ and may ignore underlying medical conditions, expert claims

The herbal medication attempts to treat some conditions that will get better by themselves, including headaches and colds, said veterinarian Danny Chambers. He told Express.co.uk there was no scientific evidence that herbal medication works and the effect of not controlling some conditions medically could be life-threatening. Chambers’ comments came after a study revealed homeopathy was […]

Homeopathy is just a ‘trick of the mind’ according to latest study

Critics say the perceived benefits are a placebo. Homeopathy is said to work, including using herbal medicine, to help the body heal itself. But the Royal Veterinary College London reviewed major studies over three decades and concluded there were no robust studies which showed a benefit of homeopathy in animals. Professor Peter Lees, who led […]

Homeopathy faces tough promotional limitations in draft bill by Russian senator

Published time: 6 Oct, 2017 09:13 A Russian senator has drafted a bill restricting any advertising of homeopathy to specialized shows and conferences, and obliging sellers of homeopathic preparations to clearly indicate that their products do not have any clinically-proven healing properties. The draft document submitted to the Lower House by Senator Andrey Belyakov reads […]

Homeopathy is ‘pseudoscience’ – Russia’s top science body

The Russian Academy of Sciences has called homeopathy a “pseudoscience” with no scientific basis, saying that its methods contradict chemical, physical and biological laws. The academy also stressed that homeopathy is not to be confused with phytotherapy. The memorandum on homeopathy was released by the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research, a […]