This Moonshine Tastes Like Thanksgiving in a Bottle … But It's From the UK

It was the bottle that caught my eye as I strolled into a Welsh liquor store: slender, topped with a wax-stopper. On the label: “Pink Marshmallow Moonshine.” Made with a base of sweet potatoes, no less. I was intrigued. Flavored spirits — think vanilla vodka and ginger gins — might be yawn-inducingly common nowadays, and […]

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Is An Experience In Collecting Stories

Some collect coins, others cards, but, in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, there is no better collection than that of a story full of life. Wander the 3D overworld map and meet an extensive range of characters, each with their own unique stories to share, with a fully voiced cast featuring strong voice talents […]

Peugeot Looks to Opel in a Bid to Appeal to American Tastes

– While it’s no secret that the PSA Group is looking to make a return to our shores, the French automaker dropped an interesting little nugget at the Detroit auto show regarding Peugeot Citroën’s return to the States—namely, the role its recent acquisition of General Motors Europe’s Opel brand plays in the plan. – Speaking at […]

Shake Shack is testing a new chicken sandwich that will soon be available nationwide — here’s how it tastes

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Shake Shack‘s new grilled chicken club sandwich is being tested in Brooklyn, New York locations. It’ll be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 26. The sandwich is decent, but the chicken itself leaves something to be desired. Shake Shack is testing a new grilled chicken sandwich at its locations in […]

Chicago: Sample the sights, sounds and tastes on a gourmet trip to the fabulous U.S city

Throw in visits to some of the city’s best restaurants and our taste buds were tingling. We flew from Heathrow with British Airways and, although the plane could do with an upgrade, we were really impressed with the cabin crew service, allowing us plenty of time to relax. On arrival in Chicago we headed for […]

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a magic realist adventure about storytelling

According to tales of the Old West, a whole host of unfortunate souls have been known to make deals with the Devil. And that’s exactly what the nameless protagonist does in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. It’s been nearly two years since Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge released an announcement trailer for their […]

WATCH Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Zoe Saldana and Mila Kunis have oral sex: 'It tastes good'

The 2007 film showed two college friends exploring their sexuality. One encounter takes place on the floor of their university library while the other takes place rather more traditionally in a bed in the student dormitory. The library scene starts out with Kunis asking Saldana how oral sex tastes: “Seriously I wanna know.” Saldana then […]