Dear White People: Jeremy Tardy Exits Season 4, Accuses Studio of Racial Discrimination During Negotiations

Jeremy Tardy will not return to Netflix’s Dear White People, citing his negotiating experience with production studio Lionsgate and what he calls “their practices of racial discrimination.” Lionsgate in response characterized the impasse as “purely financial negotiation regarding deal terms,” and nothing more. Tardy, who recurred as Rashid Bakr in 11 total episodes over the […]

Tardy Sure Loves A Good Button

Congratulations, you’re an idiot. Running from debt collectors, you snuck onto a spaceship and hid in the cryo pod of all things. And now it’s two years later, the ship is floating through space and the crew is nowhere to be seen. Good job, space idiot. Tardy is an adventure game about pushing buttons. It […]