‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Early Buzz: As Expected, Pretty Much Everyone Loves This Movie

The social media embargo for Mary Poppins Returns has lifted like an otherworldly nanny floating up into the sky, and the early buzz is rolling in. Do critics find the Emily Blunt-starring Mary Poppins sequel magical? Does Lin-Manuel Miranda shine in his first big screen role? Does director Rob Marshall rekindle the spirit of the original? Or is […]

Meet 20-year-old Tenshin Nasukawa, Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent who loves anime, aliens, and Harry Potter

Reuters Tenshin Nasukawa may well be the most interesting 20-year-old in combat sports. Last week, Nasukawa was a relatively obscure fighter, globally-speaking. Though he is a rising star in Japanese mixed martial arts, he competes in the Rizin Fighting Federation, a promotion that is only three years old and receives little press in the US […]

Superhero Bits: Why ‘Venom’ Loves Tater Tots, Spider-Man and Nick Fury Go Boating & More

Which villains won’t be appearing in the fifth and final season of Gotham? Why is Venom obsessed with snacking on tater tots? What were Spider-Man and Nick Fury spotted doing together in Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos? Who does Kevin Smith want to play Batman next? Did you catch all the Easter eggs and […]

Elon Musk loves video games — here are his favorites

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Elon Musk may be the CEO of two different companies, but he still makes time to game. As the head of Tesla Motors, Musk is leading the rebirth of all-electric vehicles. At SpaceX, he’s steering a company whose mission is to “revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other […]

Trump May Doom the Medium He Loves

He’s the cable-television president. Donald Trump starts his days with cable news, staffs his administration with talking heads, and regularly consults with Fox News hosts. But what the president may not realize is that his administration is pushing a position in federal court, in a case expected to be decided Tuesday, that risks killing the […]

James Cameron Loves ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ But Says It Lacks “Emotional Balls”

James Cameron has been in the internet’s hot seat lately for saying a lot of dumb, polarizing things. But this one may take the cake. Cameron was asked about his cinematic influences that helped him shape his decades-long career as one of the sci-fi greats — one of which was understandably Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space […]

Tardy Sure Loves A Good Button

Congratulations, you’re an idiot. Running from debt collectors, you snuck onto a spaceship and hid in the cryo pod of all things. And now it’s two years later, the ship is floating through space and the crew is nowhere to be seen. Good job, space idiot. Tardy is an adventure game about pushing buttons. It […]

We spent 2 days at the PGA Tour’s Dell Match Play event in Austin to see why everybody loves it so much

Cork Gaines/Business Insider Every March on the PGA Tour calendar brings the unique Dell Technologies Match Play. It is one of four World Golf Championships events and the only one that is in the head-to-head match play format. In 2016, the event moved to the Austin Country Club, and since the move, it has quickly […]

Sterling K. Brown Loves ‘Shrek’ a Little Too Much in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut

There couldn’t be a better time for Sterling K. Brown to host Saturday Night Live. Aside from the fact that this NBC series This Is Us is at the height of its popularity, he also has a small role in the blockbuster giant Black Panther. Both were ripe for lampooning in the latest episode of […]

James Bond 25: ‘Daniel Craig BACKS director Danny Boyle, LOVES completely different story’

The latest reports claim Boyle is about to be confirmed as director on James Bond 25, provided Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge’s script is up to scratch. Now sources claim a meeting has taken place where the two pitched their idea to Craig, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson. An insider told Daily Mail: […]