The US Army’s new camouflage will hide soldiers and tanks in plain sight — wherever they are

AP Photo/Saurabh Das The US Army is moving foward on next-generation concealment technology to ensure that American soldiers can hide in plain sight. Fibrotex has built an Ultra-Light Camouflage Netting System that can be used to conceal soldier’s positions, vehicles, tanks and aircraft. The new “camouflage system will mask soldiers, vehicles and installations from state-of-the-art […]

Calls for probe after media uncovers US funding of UK's think tanks vocal on Brexit

The public is demanding an investigation after a report that British think tanks, advocating Brexit, received lavish funding from American donors. The “analysis” carried out by the Guardian paper established that the US fundraising bodies, which provide donations to the British think tanks, had received $ 5.6 million (£4.3 million) since 2008. This money was […]

Debunked: How VoA journalist pushed fake news story on ‘Russian tanks crossing into Ukraine’

The easily-verifiable false claim by Voice of America journalist that Russian tanks were filmed entering Ukraine was shared thousands of times before being debunked. The journalist, however, refused to issue a retraction. Russian tanks passing into #Ukraine – this video taken yesterday, April 7, in a village in Rostov region next to the border between […]

Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen targeting Aramco oil storage tanks

Saudi Arabia’s air defense has allegedly intercepted a missile fired by the armed Houthi movement from Yemen towards storage tanks in the port city of Jizan, which belong to the Aramco oil company. Storage tanks belonging to Saudi Aramco oil company in the southwestern province of Jizan  were reportedly the targets of the attack. The […]

Israeli tanks blast ‘terrorist infiltrators’ on Gaza border (VIDEO)

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) published a video showing tanks opening fire on two men, claimed to be Hamas infiltrators, along the border fence with Gaza. The incident follows the deaths of 12 Palestinians during border protests. “Two terrorists approached the security fence and fired towards IDF troops,” the IDF said on Friday evening, after publishing […]

CEO Victor Kislyi on World of Tanks 1.0: ‘It’s time to revamp Wargaming’

When I met Victor Kislyi at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, he was happy and tired. The CEO of Wargaming was happy because, after seven-plus years, the team finally moved the free-to-play PC game World of Tanks to its 1.0 edition. I enjoy kidding Kislyi about why it takes so many people […]

270,000 Ram pickups in ‘salt belt’ recalled to fix sagging fuel tanks

Drive a Ram 1500? Maybe it’s time to give your fuel tanks a look. FCA is issuing a voluntary recall of over 270,000 Ram 1500 pickups to prevent their fuel tanks from sagging. A corrosion-related problem, the issue can be identified either visually by looking at the undercarriage, or by listening to any scraping noises, […]

Pentagon says Trump will get flyovers but no tanks at grand military parade

President Donald Trump will get his military parade through Washington DC on Veterans’ Day, but without tanks. The Pentagon said only wheeled military vehicles would be on display, to avoid damaging roads. Trump had floated the idea of a parade through the capital on the November 11 holiday, formerly Armistice Day, after being impressed by […]

Trump won’t get any military tanks for a planned Veterans Day parade

Lucas Jackson/Reuters The Pentagon reportedly released a memo detailing a military parade that is said to be in the works for Veterans Day. The memo states that the parade will not include tanks, but will include aircraft. Trump will reportedly be surrounded by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients during the event. The Pentagon reportedly […]