Superbug MRSA warning: Deadly bacteria ‘breeding ground’ found on common household item

MRSA bacteria infection can lead to painful skin boils and food poisoning. But, the deadly superbug has been spotted on this common household item, along with a number of other types of bacteria, including listeria. It’s a “breeding ground” for killer superbugs, warn scientists.

Key antidepressant ingredient contributing to antibiotic-resistant superbug

Scientists have discovered a key ingredient in the most widely used antidepressants may be contributing to the antibiotic resistant superbug that has spread through hospitals across the world. Bacteria has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics in recent years, which is generally thought to be down to overusing of the drugs. However, it seems other medications […]

Deadly superbug just got scarier—it can mysteriously thwart last-resort drug

Enlarge / Medical illustration of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. (credit: CDC) For the first time, researchers have discovered strains of a deadly, multidrug-resistant bacterium that uses a cryptic method to also evade colistin, an antibiotic used as a last-resort treatment. That’s according to a study of US patients published this week by Emory University researchers in the […]

How a tweet is helping researchers find an experimental treatment for a 25-year-old with a superbug infection

Dr Graham Beards / Wikipedia Mallory Smith had an infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics.  Researchers at University of California, San Diego turned to Twitter for help in finding viruses that can go after bacteria.  Smith is now waiting for the right virus to be pinpointed out of a set of 300, and will need […]

Statins have power to help elderly fight off killer superbug

GETTY – STOCK IMAGE MRSA can cause a range of skin conditions and life-threatening infections A study of almost 30,000 patients found those on the cholesterol-lowering drugs were up to 30 per cent less likely to carry the bacteria which can cause the infection. Experts yesterday hailed the “exciting” possibility of statins offering protection from […]