Saudi Arabia will fine couples $130,000 for snooping through each others’ texts

REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser Saudi Arabia has taken steps to criminalize citizens who snoop through their spouses’ phones.  The new law imposes fines of up to $ 130,000 or jail time for for the offense. The initiative is part of the Crown Prince’s efforts to modernize the Kingdom economically and socially with his Vision 2030 plan. […]

Will US partners still buy F-35 jets despite ‘phenomenal upkeep cost’ and snooping?

Claims by Norway that its F-35 fighter jets might be sending sensitive data to their American manufacturer may prompt US partners to take a second look at the idea of using these jets, says Binoy Kampmark, a senior lecturer at RMIT University, Melbourne. The Norwegian military claims that the planes send sensitive data to their […]

Google makes its government snooping reports clearer

Google’s Transparency Report can be overwhelmingly tough to navigate, especially if it’s your first time looking at all the data requests the company gets. To make things easier to understand, the big G has redesigned its interface to show clearer data visualizations and add more context for each type of information. More importantly, though, the […]

Germany investigates 20 ‘Turkish spies’ complicit in snooping on Gulen movement

Twenty Turkish citizens are being investigated over “intelligence activities” against supporters of dissident Fethullah Gulen. Ankara accuses the cleric of masterminding the failed 2016 military coup attempt. “At present, a total of 20 suspects are being investigated for intelligence activity on behalf of the Turkish government, as well as for spying on followers of the […]

Internet Noise cycles through random websites to fight back against snooping ISPs

This week, Congress voted to allow internet service providers to sell users’ web browsing histories, rolling back FCC rules passed under the Obama administration. Activists have already roundly criticized the vote as a win for a telecom industry eager to help sell targeted ads, but there’s one new idea on what users can do to […]