'Don't vote for that ni***' Snoop Dogg trashes Trump in message to government workers

Snoop Dogg has pulled no punches calling on federal employees forced to work without pay or stay home due to the government shutdown to remember the ordeal when they vote in 2020. “Don’t vote for that ni***,” the rapper said. In an expletive-ridden Instagram rant, Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., said that […]

Standing against Soros: Facebook board defends COO Sandberg’s decision to snoop on billionaire

Facebook’s board of directors has defended COO Sheryl Sandberg’s decision to conduct opposition research into liberal billionaire George Soros. Facebook was under intense scrutiny for running a PR campaign against the magnate. Sandberg admitted last week that she ordered staff to conduct research into Soros and his trading of Facebook stock, after he called the […]

Martha Stewart will never stop reinventing herself — here’s how she went from a stockbroker to hosting a cooking show with Snoop Dogg

Business Insider Jemal Countess/Getty Images Martha Stewart has had a fascinating career path from model, to stockbroker, to cookbook author, to cooking show cohost with the rapper Snoop Dogg.  More than once, it has seemed like Stewart had finally failed — but she always comes back.  “I’m not Lenin or Stalin; I don’t have a […]

If NYPD cops want to snoop on your phone, they need a warrant, judge rules

Enlarge (credit: Sergi Reboredo/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Images) A New York state judge has concluded that a powerful police surveillance tool known as a cell-site simulator, a device that spoofs legitimate mobile phone towers, is a “search” and therefore requires a warrant under most circumstances. As a New York State Supreme Court judge in Brooklyn […]

Ambient light sensors can be used to snoop on us while we’re web browsing

There are more ways to access your data than by exploiting the various software vulnerabilities and hardware bugs that we seem to hear about on a daily basis. Our gadgets actually have all kinds of weaknesses that could allow nefarious parties to steal our information, and some of them are things we’d probably never consider. […]

House of Cards: What is Pollyhop and could Frank Underwood really use the NSA to snoop?

Season four of the Netflix drama saw Frank Underwood pitted against Republican presidential nominee Will Conway. Like Underwood, Conway is a calculated schemer, who has used his military history, adorable family and boyish good looks to charm his way to the top. During the two mens’ first meeting, we learn that Conway has links to […]