A Million Little Things Recap: Has Eric’s Sneaky Secret Been Revealed?!

RELATED STORIES Eric, you music-shop-owning, aw-shucks-looking, smooth-chested bastard. As we learn in this week’s A Million Little Things, you have been lying to Maggie and her mom since the moment you met them. You never got her brother’s heart. In fact, it looks like you’ve never had any surgery of that sort, given how you […]

The Passage Sneak Peek: Brad's Gift to Amy Contains a Sneaky Surprise

When is a treehouse not merely a treehouse? When it’s the product of a highly trained federal agent with a strong desire to escape a nefarious government project. In this exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s The Passage (Fox, 9/8c), Wolgast welcomes Amy to a treehouse of her very own, a place to escape the concerns of […]

13 sneaky signs there might be mold in your house

Shutterstock Most of the time, mold is just a sign that you need to throw out that sandwich at the back of the fridge. However, some household mold can actually be really dangerous.   A small number of mold species produce a substance called mycotoxin, which may lead to breathing problems, headaches, and even permanent […]

A bondholder finds a sneaky way to trigger insurance against default

IN 2013 Codere, a Spanish gaming firm, owed money it could not repay. Its bonds were trading at just over half face value. Blackstone, a private-equity firm, offered it a cheap $ 100m loan. But there was a catch. Blackstone had bought credit derivatives on Codere’s debt that would pay out about €14m ($ 19m) […]

Sneaky Pete EP Breaks Down Season 2 Cliffhanger and Why Bryan Cranston Couldn't Come Back… Yet

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Amazon’s Sneaky Pete. Sneaky Pete‘s latest cliffhanger doesn’t involve Luka or another Big Bad. The second season of Amazon’s con-man drama, which was released on Friday, closes with Julia on the verge of discovering that Marius is not actually cousin Pete. This, of course, […]

Sneaky Pete season 2 location: Where is Sneaky Pete filmed?

Where is Sneaky Pete season 2 set? Sneaky Pete is set in upstate New York. The Amazon Prime series follows con man Marius Josipović (played by Giovanni Ribisi), who went on the run from vicious gangster Vince Lonigan (Bryan Cranston) and takes cover by assuming someone else’s identity. Marius takes on the identity of his […]