Wynonna Earp Boss Breaks Down That Big-Time Twist — And the ’10 PM Cable’ Sequence That Came Before It

RELATED STORIES The following contains major spoilers from the Aug. 2 episode of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp. Wynonna Earp this week located Waverly and Doc and escaped the Garden of Eden, but life proved to be thorny in a different and most unexpected way upon the trio’s return to Purgatory. Coming out of the season premiere, […]

Game of Thrones season 8: New title sequence leaves fans in TURMOIL – watch here

Game of Thrones fans were shocked today as they spotted the title sequence for the series has had a revamp.  The infamous clip opened the final season as the music rang loud to mark the start of the HBO series. However, it was definitely a lot different than the season seven instalment as it showed […]

Bumblebee post credits scene: Is there an end credits sequence in new Transformers movie?

With Michael Bay no longer behind the wheel, the new film takes us back to the 1980s and stars Hailee Steinfeld as the young human lead. The film is facing stiff competition at the box office from the likes of Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns, but has been widely praised for its heart, story and […]

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Director Christopher McQuarrie Breaks Down the HALO Jump Sequence

“A man with no fear” is how Mission: Impossible 2 director John Woo describes Tom Cruise, who laughs in the face of death with each Mission: Impossible sequel. Cruise has hung off an airplane, jumped around the Burj Khalifa, held his breath for six minutes, and flown jets and planes, all in the name of entertainment. The Evil Knievel of the big […]

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Editor Pietro Scalia on the Train Robbery Sequence and Why Chewie is an Editor’s Dream [Interview]

Pietro Scalia‘s fingerprints are all over many, many great films. The Academy-award winning editor’s work on JFK is nothing short of masterful, and the same goes for his several collaborations with Ridley Scott. Throughout his career, Scalia has shown a wide range – he has cut together epic period pieces, documentaries, comic book movies, and dramas like Good Will […]

Pocket-sized DNA reader used to scan entire human genome sequence

Enlarge / Sequence on a stick. (credit: Oxford Nanopore) A few years back, a company called Oxford Nanopore announced it was developing a radically different way of sequencing DNA. Its approach involved taking single strands of the double helix and stuffing them through a protein pore. With a small bit of current flowing across the […]

Chiefs cornerback throws referee’s flag into stands, leaves game, then returns moments later without socks in bizarre sequence

CBS/NFL Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters threw a referee’s penalty flag into the stands after a call. Peters then left the game, thinking he had been ejected. Moments later, Peters returned after being told he had not been ejected for the play. Some confusion over a penalty led to Kansas City Chiefs cornerback leaving […]

Joel Embiid shows he can beat opponents physically and mentally with a masterful sequence

AP Photo/Matt Slocum Joel Embiid trolled Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell into a cheap technical foul on Monday night. After the game, Embiid openly admitted to flopping on the play, causing reporters to laugh at his bluntness on the matter. The move shows Embiid’s potential to become one of the legendary trash talkers in the league. Despite […]