Impressions: Shovel Knight Dig is my new roguelite gaming addiction

Enlarge / Dig deeply enough in Shovel Knight Dig, and you’ll find trippy treasure just like this. (credit: Yacht Club Games) Shovel Knight Dig has been on our radar since its announcement in 2019—back when games could be revealed and immediately demonstrated at physical gaming expos. That many years ago, Dig was one of a […]

Descend Through Abstract Tunnels In Roguelite 6DOF Shooter Pixelpunk XL

Descent and other space shooters popularized six-degrees-of-freedom action, an interesting subgenre that has seen a small resurgence with games like Sublevel Zero and the upcoming Overload. Pixelpunk XL is an interesting take on the concept, presenting alien pixelated environments to fly and blast through. The randomly-generated environments are constructed from odd pixelated rooms and tunnels, […]

How SYNTHETIK Makes Meaningful Changes To The Roguelite Shooter Formula

SYNTHETIK is a roguelite arcade shooter with randomized levels and fast-paced gameplay. These kinds of games feel awfully familiar by now. And yet, this one manages to stand out thanks to a couple of small design changes that have a big impact on how the game feels. First, there’s weapon handling. When you empty your […]

Vagante Gives The Roguelite Platformer A RPG Twist

In the nearly four years that Vagante has expanded and improved within Early Access, the roguelite/roguelike platformer has seen a plethora of entries, all drawing from the influences of Spelunky (and perhaps Aaron Steed’s Red Rogue). Now, Vagante‘s slower, more deliberate take on the subgenre is out of Early Access. Setting foot into the caverns […]

Roguelite Freaky Awesome Makes Players Adapt To Constant, Power-Altering Mutations

Your dog has gone missing in an old factory filled with toxic waste and unsettling monsters, but there’s no way you;re letting your puppy pal get hurt in there. However, rushing in quickly causes some gross, but handy, mutations, and players will have to learn to deal with their never-ending array of changing powers and […]

Burn, Melt, Shatter, And Manipulate The World In Roguelite Platformer Noita

The roguelite platformer, like Spelunky, Catacomb Kids, Cave Blazers, is often you against the environment, be it traps or enemies or tricky platforming. But in the pixel art caves of Noita, the environment is not just a threat; it’s a weapon, able to manipulated and molded to destroy your enemies. And kill you too, if […]

Caveblazers Is The Little Roguelite Platformer That Keeps On Giving

Have you ever noticed how stingy some games can be when it comes to feeding you new, interesting things to see and do? Unlocking new stuff can feel like an uphill climb sometimes, making you fight for every scrap, every discovery. Not Rupeck Games’ Caveblazers, though! In the beginning, every new run feels like Christmas, […]

Everspace Is A Very Pretty Hybrid Of Roguelite And Freespace

Space in Everspace isn’t some pitch-black abyss, darkness peppered with starlight. From the bright glare of suns and nebulae to the colored tails of homing missiles and arcs of lightning in energy fields, the galactic battlefields of Everspace are dense with color and chaos, as you fight against enemy squadrons and looming permadeath. Combining intense […]