Stranger Things Creators to Adapt Stephen King’s The Talisman at Netflix

RELATED STORIES Stranger Things masterminds the Duffer Brothers are keeping the creepy vibe going at Netflix: The pair are turning the Stephen King novel The Talisman into a series for the streamer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Co-written by King and Peter Straub and first published in 1984, The Talisman centers on a 12-year-old boy […]

Gadget Lab Podcast: A Deep Dive Into Nike’s Adapt BB Smart Sneakers

WIRED’s Peter Rubin joins the Gadget Lab podcast to talk about his experience wearing Nike’s newest self-adjusting sneakers. Plus: Nitasha Tiku weighs in on mandatory arbitration at tech companies.

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Will Adapt World War II Drama ‘Daughters of the Resistance’

Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Partners have optioned the rights to Daughters of the Resistance, a book proposal about female resistance fighters who fought against the Nazis in World War II. The book isn’t due out till 2020, but the subject matter was more than enough to catch the eye of Spielberg and company. No word on if […]

‘Gerald’s Game’ Director to Adapt ‘The Shining’ Sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’

When It made $ 700 million worldwide last year, one thing was immediately clear: we are going to start seeing a lot more Stephen King adaptations in the years ahead. And we were already seeing quite a few, as 2017 also saw the release of The Dark Tower (bad!), 1922 (good!), and Gerald’s Game (very, very […]

Time’s struggle to adapt to digital brings it close to a sale

Time Inc. hasn’t had the easiest time adapting to an online world: although its brands have been pushing boundaries in digital storytelling, it has made some questionable decisions (MySpace, anyone?) and is in the midst of an overhaul that could see it selling print publications as it focuses on the internet. And now, it appears […]

Roguelite Freaky Awesome Makes Players Adapt To Constant, Power-Altering Mutations

Your dog has gone missing in an old factory filled with toxic waste and unsettling monsters, but there’s no way you;re letting your puppy pal get hurt in there. However, rushing in quickly causes some gross, but handy, mutations, and players will have to learn to deal with their never-ending array of changing powers and […]

Single-player is the vestigial limb of publishers that had to adapt or die

ANALYSIS: At some point last century, someone at the U.S. Department of Defense plugged a network cable into a computer. Cut to a few decades later, and Electronic Arts says it is canning a game because it doesn’t function as an online service. The publisher announced yesterday that it is closing Dead Space developer Visceral and […]

Josh Boone to Adapt Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’

Sound the Stephen King adaptation alarm: Josh Boone is now attached to write an adaptation of King’s novel The Talisman. Boone has been attached to multiple King adaptations in the past, and now adds King’s 1984 fantasy novel co-authored with Peter Straub to the list. The Talisman movie details await you below! A Long Road to the Screen… […]

New Stephen King TV Series ‘8’ To Adapt Short Story ‘N.’

The Stephen King business is booming, folks. Even before It made those dollar bills float, a whole slew of Stephen King adaptations were on the horizon. Now that It is so big, expect even more to get fast tracked before the Stephen King bubble bursts. Case in point: a rumored Stephen King TV series has just been confirmed. Details […]