‘Baby Hands’ Lets Players Revisit (Destructive) Babyhood In VR

Babies get into everything. Everything. There are gates, covers, sealers, and more when it comes to babyproofing a home, but tiny humans are more than capable of getting around them all. As such, Baby Hands wants players to take the seat of a curious ankle-biter and get their hands on everything, causing pint-sized mayhem. Using […]

Big Bang Theory: 20 Sheldon and Amy Moments to Revisit Before the Wedding

Remember when The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon would only refer to Amy as his friend but not his girlfriend? Eight years later, the fan-favorite couple is about to say “HIja’!” (That’s “I do” in Klingon.) In the Season 11 finale (airing Thursday, May 10, at 8/7c on CBS), Drs. Cooper and Fowler will finally become man and […]

Roseanne: 20 Unforgettable Episodes to Revisit Ahead of Season 10

The most highly anticipated TV event of the spring is the revival of a 30-year-old sitcom. We’re, of course, talking about Roseanne, which returns with Season 10 on Tuesday, March 27 (ABC, 8/7c). Before we find out what the Conner clan’s been up to since 1997, we here at TVLine are taking a stroll down […]

Blindspot Sneak Peek: Jane and Weller Revisit the Site of Their [Spoiler]

Reunited and it feels so… slightly, sadly awkward? The Season 3 premiere of NBC’s Blindspot (airing tonight at 8/7c) opens with a wonderful, whirlwind rewind of Jane and Weller’s wedding day and the immediate domestic afterglow… before we are made privy to why, as we saw at the close of the May finale, they are […]

Colbert, Carell and 'Donald Trump' Revisit Dana Carvey's Sitcom Fiasco in Hulu's Too Funny to Fail Trailer

Teaming Dana Carvey, red-hot off his Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live run, with the likes of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K. sounds like a comedy grand slam. ABC’s The Dana Carvey Show however was sent to the showers after just a handful of 1996 airings, its infamous flame-out well-chronicled in the Hulu documentary Too […]

This Canadian army corporal's Invictus training inspired her to revisit old dreams

Kelly Scanlan had always planned for a lifetime of service. “I have police officers in my family, I have firefighters in my family and I kind of wanted to follow in that tradition when I was done with the military,” the 26-year-old corporal with the Canadian infantry told CBC News Friday. But an injury during pre-deployment training […]

In light of Bannon’s interview, revisit China’s clearest warning to Trump since his election

NBC News On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a measure to begin an investigation into China’s theft of US intellectual property (IP). In the international business community, it’s no secret that in China, there is little respect for trade secrets.  However, the way the Trump administration is handling the issue ignores a clear warning the Chinese […]

Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age review – A chance to revisit a much-overlooked classic

Released 11 years ago as the PS2 was coming to the end of its lifetime and gamers were gearing up for the next-gen, it probably came out at just the wrong time. But, for such an unconventional game that defies the rules, this seems perfectly apt. Final Fantasy 12 took many of the series’ staples […]

Scientists revisit a strange result from one of the Soviet Venus landers

Enlarge / And you thought that sulfuric acid clouds were weird. (credit: ISAS/JAXA) Venus’ atmosphere is rightfully famous for a combination of being stunningly hot and containing sulfuric acid. Those conditions, not surprisingly, have ensured that every bit of hardware we’ve sent through said atmosphere has had an extremely short lifespan. But at least one […]