Morgan Stanley breaks down which markets provide the clearest hints of a downturn

Stephanie Keith/Getty Strategists at Morgan Stanley have put together a guide on which assets are most consistent with the final stages of a bull market. “Our current environment of rising inflation, strong data, tighter policy, flatter yield curves and more volatility is consistent with a late-cycle market,” they said.  The agreed definition of a bear […]

New analysis provides the clearest picture yet of how Trump’s presidency is affecting his properties

Win McNamee/Getty Images A new analysis painted the clearest picture we’ve seen of how President Donald Trump’s properties have fared since he won the presidency. Many of them have fared worse. Some have seen sales improve. A Tuesday analysis from gave the most definitive look at how President Donald Trump’s properties have performed since […]

‘Oh yeah, don’t worry. 100%’: Trump gave the clearest signal yet that he’ll release a controversial secret memo targeting the FBI and DOJ

Pete Marovich/Getty Images While he was walking out of the Capitol after his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump signaled he would release a controversial secret memo that targets the FBI the US Justice Department. Rep. Jeff Duncan could be heard telling Trump, “let’s release the memo,” as the […]

We just got our clearest sign yet that the 2018 elections could be a Democratic ‘tsunami’ — but there’s a catch

Democrats just had their best Election Day in years. Some say it’s a sign of a coming “wave” election in 2018. But there is reason for Democrats to be cautious. Democrats just had their most successful Election Day in years — and now many are predicting that 2018 will bring with it a Democratic “wave” election that […]

In light of Bannon’s interview, revisit China’s clearest warning to Trump since his election

NBC News On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a measure to begin an investigation into China’s theft of US intellectual property (IP). In the international business community, it’s no secret that in China, there is little respect for trade secrets.  However, the way the Trump administration is handling the issue ignores a clear warning the Chinese […]