Spitting Image’s Donald Trump: Matt Forde – the voice behind US President’s puppet

Comedian Matt Forde, who also does Boris Johnson, said: “It’s funny to hear people who are in ultimate authority saying and doing such ludicrous things. It’s a joy. “I really go for it and turn it up a dial to make both Trump and Boris even more ridiculous.” A new version of Spitting Image will […]

Spitting Image co-creator’s regret over ‘puppet that went a little too far’

The satirical show hit the headlines this week after Greta Thunberg was unveiled in a preview for the upcoming season, due to be released on October 3. Some viewers blasted creators for their choice to create a puppet of the 17-year-old climate change activist, who has autism. But Reemah Sakaan, an ITV spokesperson, fired back […]

Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by Thunderbird puppet valuation ‘Nobody was interested’

She continued to higher the price bracket, adding: “Rhapsody Angel, perhaps £10-12,000… Captain Scarlett, well he’s just an icon. “I’d say perhaps at auction, value £20-25,000 and Lady P, there are some prices I can quote to you, she has appeared. “The highest price she has realised is £38,000, my feeling is she might get […]

‘The Happytime Murders’ Producer Ben Falcone Describes the Difficulties of a Puppet Movie Set [Set Visit Interview]

For our third and final interview from our visit to the set of The Happytime Murders, I bring you a discussion with producer/co-writer and Melissa McCarthy’s close collaborator Ben Falcone. In a roundtable interview, Falcone talked about how good the screenplay was on first read, the strange world-building of the movie, the difficulties in making an […]

‘The Happytime Murders’ Responds to ‘Sesame Street’ Lawsuit Through a Puppet Lawyer

When The Happytime Murders, a comedy about foul-mouthed and sex-crazed puppets who look an awful lot like the ones created by Jim Henson, used the tagline “All Sesame. No Street.” in its marketing campaign, the creators of Sesame Street weren’t thrilled. They planned to sue the film for unauthorized use of the Sesame Street brand, and now […]

Sesame Street suing creators of movie with puppet sex & murder

Sesame Workshop has filed a lawsuit against “The Happytime Murders,” a film where puppets have sex, drugs and shoot each other alongside humans. The creators of the iconic kids’ show say it’s being tarnished by the crass comedy. Sesame Workshop, the parent company behind the long-running show Sesame Street, argued in the complaint filed in […]

Sequel Bits: ‘Puppet Master’, ‘Men In Black’, ‘It Chapter 2’, ‘Doom’, and More

In this edition of sequel bits: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich coming this August Chris Hemsworth offers an update on that Men In Black reboot Andy Muscheitti says It: Chapter 2 will be even scarier than the first Hey, they’re making a new Doom movie, I guess! Jason Statham teases a Meg franchise Chris Pratt interviews his Jurassic World: Fallen […]

Ajit Pai jokes with Verizon exec about him being a “puppet” FCC chair

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai at Fox Studios on November 10, 2017 in New York City. (credit: Getty Images | John Lamparski ) On Thursday night in Washington, DC, net neutrality advocates gathered outside the annual Federal Communications Commission Chairman’s Dinner to protest Chairman Ajit Pai’s impending rollback of net neutrality rules. Inside the dinner (also […]

Grab ‘em by the puppet! Donald Trump immortalized as dummy in ‘Spitting Image’ comeback

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 17:49 Donald Trump is a puppet. No, not on the Kremlin payroll. He’s been immortalized in all his rubbery glory by the artist behind ‘Spitting Image,’ the hit British comedy show gunning for a momentous return, this time on US television. The American spin-off of the British show will return […]

Floyd Mayweather reveals he has SEVEN girlfriends during interview with a PUPPET

Mayweather bowed out a boxing legend last month after beating UFC star Conor McGregor in their cross-sport showdown in Las Vegas. Mayweather made it 50 victories without defeat before confirming his retirement at the age of 40. And now ‘Money’ has given fans an amusing insight into his life, from admitting he is dating SEVEN […]