Spitting Image’s Donald Trump: Matt Forde – the voice behind US President’s puppet

Comedian Matt Forde, who also does Boris Johnson, said: “It’s funny to hear people who are in ultimate authority saying and doing such ludicrous things. It’s a joy. “I really go for it and turn it up a dial to make both Trump and Boris even more ridiculous.” A new version of Spitting Image will […]

What channel is Spitting Image on?

This is because Britbox runs a 7-day free trial period, meaning you can enjoy all the content without spending a penny. And if you choose to sign up after that free trial period, the platform also offers an annual subscription deal. Instead of paying £5.99 per month for a year, totalling £71.88, the firm is […]

Spitting Image co-creator’s regret over ‘puppet that went a little too far’

The satirical show hit the headlines this week after Greta Thunberg was unveiled in a preview for the upcoming season, due to be released on October 3. Some viewers blasted creators for their choice to create a puppet of the 17-year-old climate change activist, who has autism. But Reemah Sakaan, an ITV spokesperson, fired back […]

ITV’s Tom Bradby lashes out at public SPITTING at paramedics – ‘What’s wrong with people?’

On the show, the Director of Public Prosecutions had revealed emergency workers have been facing daily coronavirus related attacks. This includes some people even spitting and couging in the faces of NHS staff and paramedics. Related articles Max Hill QC said there have been dozens of reports of the coronavirus being weaponized every day since […]

Premier League pundit stood down after being filmed spitting at rival fan’s 14yo daughter (VIDEO)

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher’s future is in question after footage emerged of him spitting at a rival fan’s daughter after being goaded by her father. It followed Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday. Carragher, who made over 500 appearances at the heart of Liverpool’s defense but never actually won the Premier League, […]

Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is the spitting image of Sarah Ferguson’s

Princess Eugenie is engaged to her fiancé Jack Brooksbank. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, 58, took to social media to celebrate the engagement of her daughter, Princess Eugenie, 27, to Jack Brooksbank, 31. Sweet snapshots of the Princess with her wine merchant fiancé show off her dazzling ring. In royal style it has a coloured […]

Grab ‘em by the puppet! Donald Trump immortalized as dummy in ‘Spitting Image’ comeback

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 17:49 Donald Trump is a puppet. No, not on the Kremlin payroll. He’s been immortalized in all his rubbery glory by the artist behind ‘Spitting Image,’ the hit British comedy show gunning for a momentous return, this time on US television. The American spin-off of the British show will return […]

Big Brother final 2017: Housemate Simone kicked out for SPITTING on evictee Andrew

The grand final of the series saw Isabelle Warburton, 21, crowned the winner, but the evening was not without its controversial moments. Simone, 28, who was previously sentenced to six months in prison for affray in 2009, according to the Daily Star, revealed that she had been banned from the after party following her shocking […]

Big Brother: Chanelle McCleary receives formal warning for SPITTING during explosive row

The Manchester lass has been causing chaos ever since she arrived in the Borehamwood Bungalow last week, but her latest antic was a step too far for those watching at home. In last night’s episode, the 24-year-old was having some harmless fun with Kieran on the sofa until he made a joke about her lip […]