Orwell indie publishing label Surprise Attack Games rebrands as Fellow Traveller

Indie publishing label Surprise Attack Games said it has rebranded itself as Fellow Traveller and will now focus on publishing unusual narrative games from independent developers. Fellow Traveller also announced two new signings to the label. It will publish Chance Agency’s cyberpunk taxi-driving adventure, Neo Cab, and alien-ocean-exploration game…Read More

‘Your DNA is an abomination’: University under fire for publishing anti-white article

A Texas university newspaper is apologizing after a student wrote an opinion piece that condemns white privilege and accuses white people of being an “aberration” that “shouldn’t exist.” Martinez begins his article, entitled: “Your DNA is an abomination,” with a tweaked Robert Oppenheimer quote about the detonation of the first atomic bomb he helped develop. […]

GamesBeat Boss interview: China’s Leyou moves from chicken meat to Triple-A game publishing

A few years ago, gamers had a good laugh when they learned that a Chinese chicken meat company bought Digital Extremes, the maker of Triple-A games such as The Darkness 2 and Warframe. Then the company bought Splash Damage in 2016, people did a double take again. Alex Xu, the CEO of Leyou, was the […]

Buzzfeed just sent out a message to the digital publishing business

BuzzFeed has decided to run banner ads — the ubiquitous, clickable square and rectangle ads that appear all over the internet — after years of talking them down. The decision shows the limitations of native ads, customized ads designed to emulate the look and feel of the websites or apps they appear on. A number of digital media companies bet big […]

Galore, the publishing company focused on 16- to 24-year-old women, has flipped media’s business model

Galore Galore Media says traditional ads just don’t work for Gen Z, the 70 million people born between 1996 and 2010. Instead it focuses on creating content for marketers and connecting them with influencers. “This is how everybody will have to build a media company in the future.” When the digital-media company Galore talks to […]

Lawyer for Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn vows to pursue legal action ‘swiftly and vigorously’ against sites publishing their hacked nude photos

Andy Lyons/Getty Images Former celebrity couple Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are among the latest to fall victim to hacks and leaked nude photos being published online and their lawyer is vowing to go after the sites who don’t take them down. Attorney Michael Holtz, who is representing both Woods and Vonn, told the Minneapolis […]

No More Robots Takes Aim at Data-driven Games Publishing

Industry veteran (and former IndieGames.com editor) Mike Rose has cut the ribbon on his new game publishing label, No More Robots. The new operation aims to take a data-driven approach to games publishing without losing the human element of the business. Primarily, the label aims to elevate unique games through the use of strong support […]

A media company known for supermarket magazines is upending the digital publishing model

Bauer Xcel Media US wants to be at the forefront of using data and analytics. The US digital offshoot of the German media giant encourages its editors and sales teams to collaborate Bauer editors take into account what content will make the most money from ads when making decisions on what to cover. Editors are […]