Superhero Bits: ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Arrives on Thursday, Armie Hammer’s Psychotic Batman & More

Are you ready for the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot? What would Armie Hammer‘s version of Batman have been like in George Miller’s Justice League? Why isn’t the Miles Morales suit in the Spider-Man PS4 game? What did Ryan Reynolds give to the fan who had redirect to Deadpool? All that and more […]

Avengers Infinity War: ‘Psychotic’ Thanos teased by directors – ‘This is his movie’

Josh Brolin plays the menacing antagonist in the all-star Marvel caper, and will cause havoc for the band of MCU heroes. Speaking in a new interview, Joe and Anthony Russo identified him as the character they are most keen for audiences to see. “Okay, I’m going to start with Thanos,” Joe said in a Sina […]

‘Man on the Moon’ Documentary Explores Jim Carrey’s “Psychotic” Turn As Andy Kaufman

As a die-hard stand-up comedy nerd, one of my favorite movies is Man on the Moon. The 1999 biopic about famous, controversial and genius comedian Andy Kaufman starred Jim Carrey in the lead role, and his work on the movie is very well known due to the length that he went to in order to […]