Superhero Bits: ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Arrives on Thursday, Armie Hammer’s Psychotic Batman & More

Are you ready for the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot? What would Armie Hammer‘s version of Batman have been like in George Miller’s Justice League? Why isn’t the Miles Morales suit in the Spider-Man PS4 game? What did Ryan Reynolds give to the fan who had redirect to Deadpool? All that and more […]

Armie Hammer revealed WAY too much making new film: Guess what was 'digitally removed'?

If you though the recent online frenzy over Superman’s moustache was crazy, just wait for this. Henry Cavill’s offending hairy upper lip had to be digitaly removed at great expense (and huge ridicule) during Justice League reshoots. Now another Hollywood hunk has revealed that his private parts faced the chop in the same undignified way. […]

‘Call Me By Your Name’ Clip: Forget Your Troubles and Watch Armie Hammer Dance in One of 2017’s Best Movies

If you’re having a bad week, and there’s a good chance you probably are, here’s something that might cheer you up: professional handsome man Armie Hammer dancing up a storm in a new Call Me By Your Name clip. It’s Hammer time. Listen, I’m not going to sugarcoat it: the last few weeks have been terrible. I […]

Justice League LEAK: Armie Hammer’s Green Lantern set for debut?

Since the movie was announced, fans have been wondering where the seventh member of the Justice League has been hiding. From the trailers and posters the new DC movie will see Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg unite. Meanwhile Superman is set to make a return following his teased resurrection at the end […]

Armie Hammer Keeps Cool During ‘Free Fire’ [Interview]

If there’s one character who stays calm in most of Free Fire, it’s Ord. The American criminal is as well-composed as his swanky gray jacket and black turtleneck. Rarely is Ord the character shouting and screaming in director Ben Wheatley‘s (High-Rise) new, 85-minute-long shoot ’em up.. Wheatley and co-writer Amy Jump don’t waste a second of Free Fire‘s […]

Superhero Bits: Manga Marvel Zombies, Armie Hammer Addresses Green Lantern Rumors & More

Is Josh Brolin the right choice to play Cable in Deadpool 2? When will New Mutants start production? Do you want to read a popular manga featuring Marvel zombies? Who does Supergirl star Katie McGrath, aka Lena Luthor, want to see playing Lex Luthor? Can Deadpool grow back a certain, personal part of his anatomy? […]

Armie Hammer Joins Alicia Vikander in Ben Wheatley’s ‘Freakshift’

After working with the actor on Free Fire, director Ben Wheatley has a role for Armie Hammer in his next picture, Freakshift. The film is already set to star Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) in a story about monster hunters. Hammer, who’s built like a tree, could convincingly dispose of a few monsters, but it’s unclear whether he’s on the team hunting them down. […]

Justice League FIRST LOOK at Armie Hammer as Green Lantern

Last weekend saw a brand new trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. While he didn’t appear, it’s confirmed that Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel is due to resurrect following his tragic death at the conclusion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However DC fans […]

‘Free Fire’ Trailer: Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson & More Let the Bullets Fly

This year has already brought us the brutal gunplay of John Wick: Chapter 2, but there’s another shootout on the way this spring. Free Fire is the latest film from director Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Sightseers, Kill List), and it looks like his most accessible, too. Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Noah […]

‘Mine’ Trailer: Armie Hammer Must Survive the Next 52 Hours

Armie Hammer is almost performing a one-man show in Mine. The Man from U.N.CL.E. star isn’t alone in Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro‘s thriller, but he spends much of it on his own in the frame, with one foot resting not-so-comfortably on a landmine in the desert. To stay alive, he’ll have to survive the next 52 hours by […]