This serial imposter spent decades posing as a nurse. The victims she betrayed want to know why

Brigitte Cleroux’s latest fraud fell apart on Aug. 11, 2021, when a nurse at an Ottawa medical clinic decided she couldn’t take any more of her unprofessional behaviour. She has amassed at least 67 criminal convictions as an adult, while leaving a trail of troubled patients and victims behind her.

Hunting kids of Instagram: Outrage over children posing with their kills

In the wake of the outrage over a woman posing with a slain giraffe, a number of hunting enthusiasts are posting images of children posing with their kills, sparking further furor. Tess Thompson Talley from Kentucky inspired a deluge of anger when photos of her posing with a rare black giraffe she had just killed […]

Toxic nothingburger: Cambridge Analytica exposé is dangerous political attack posing as journalism

Seeing Donald Trump’s media and political critics, who for years feted “big data,” suddenly pretend it’s a crime, is hard to stomach. And the feigned outrage is being used as a weapon of establishment control over social media. READ MORE: US Federal Trade Commission to probe Facebook for use of personal data – Bloomberg Before […]

Uber used former CIA officers posing as businessmen to collect trade secrets and other intel, explosive letter claims

REUTERS/Adnan Abidi There are a lot of explosive claims in a recently unsealed letter written by a lawyer for a former Uber intelligence manager. One claim is that Uber contracted with ex-CIA operatives to bug hotels, infiltrate WhatsApp groups, and obtain sensitive information.  In one example cited in the letter, these operatives were able to […]

Russian bots posing as regular people are trying to sow discord on Twitter after Charlottesville

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla Although the recent events in Charlottesville happened 5,000 miles from Moscow, Russia didn’t sit this one out. As has become almost routine after every polarizing U.S. political event in the past 12 months, online Russian propagandists quickly got involved. This time around, they took to Twitter with an army of bots to […]

Thieves posing as city workers steal Parisian ‘Invader’ street art in plain sight (PHOTOS)

Published time: 5 Aug, 2017 16:49 Thieves posing as city workers managed to steal some of Paris’ most beloved street art by French urban artist ‘Invader,’ who painted the city in Space Invader themed pieces. A Paris City Council spokeswoman said the city only became aware of the theft after receiving several complaints from residents […]

iZombie Video: Blaine Offers Peyton 'Comfort' Before Posing a Big Question

iZombie amnesiac Blaine has a very important and loaded question for Peyton in this exclusive video from tonight’s Season 3 premiere (The CW, 9/8c): “Were we a couple?” RELATEDiZombie Preview: Liv’s New Love, ‘Hot Mess’ Brains, a Major Quest and More While the answer is technically “no” — it was just a hook-up… with feelings? […]

Scammers in New York are posing as ICE agents to rip off people afraid of deportation

Courtesy Bryan Cox/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via REUTERS Con artists and scammers have apparently seized on the recent, high-profile deportations of immigrants in the US in order to rip off people afraid of being detained and removed from the country. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued an urgent fraud alert on Thursday, warning […]

Bella Thorne On Posing Nude, Growing Out Her Body Hair, And Joining The Women’s March

Bella Thorne has been baring all on social media. It’ll only be time until we see her new nipple piercings. The former Disney star took to her infamous Twitter account to announce to her 6.5 million fans that she recently got her nipples pierced. Thorne, 19, said she was “inspired” by Kendall Jenner, 21. On […]