This serial imposter spent decades posing as a nurse. The victims she betrayed want to know why

Brigitte Cleroux’s latest fraud fell apart on Aug. 11, 2021, when a nurse at an Ottawa medical clinic decided she couldn’t take any more of her unprofessional behaviour. She has amassed at least 67 criminal convictions as an adult, while leaving a trail of troubled patients and victims behind her.

Coronation Street spoilers: Fans spot EPIC Roy Cropper blunder 'There's an imposter’

The ITV soap’s long-running character became caught up in the unfortunate drama between Luke Britton (played by Dean Fagan) and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) following yesterday’s distressing scenes with racist business clients. As Luke struggled with an unexpected arrest for his violent actions and being charged for aggravated assault, the two men came back to […]

Equifax sends data breach victims to imposter site for nearly 2 weeks

Published time: 20 Sep, 2017 23:00 For almost two weeks, Equifax has been sending people affected by their massive security breach to a bogus website. The non-malicious creator of the imposter site was out to prove a point about Equifax’s model for post-breach consumer assistance. Read more In a tweet Tuesday, an Equifax representative who […]

Neighbours Weekly Recap: Imposter Brennan brother REVEALED and Amy turns KILLER?

While Erinsborough battened down the hatches as the storm took hold, Amy Williams (played by Zoe Cramond) placed herself in danger when she resolved to get to the bottom of disgraced ex-doctor Nick Petrides’s (Damien Fotiou) secretive behaviour. When Nick rumbled her plan a frightened Amy lashed out, knocking him over the head with a […]

What is imposter syndrome? Over four million UK millennials suffer from it at work

Imposter syndrome, also known as fear of being found out at work, is characterised as a persistent fear of being exposed – and apparently it affects both male and female millennials equally.  Career coaches Amazing If have conducted research into how they feel about their careers – and apparently both male and female millennials suffer […]