Solar panels replaced tarmac on a motorway. Here are the results.

Enlarge / A road to nowhere? (credit: Robert B.D. Brice/Wattway) Four years ago a viral campaign wooed the world with a promise of fighting climate change and jump-starting the economy by replacing tarmac on the world’s roads with solar panels. The bold idea has undergone some road testing since then. The first results from preliminary […]

Motorway laws you probably aren't aware of that can land you HUGE fines and penalty points

Motorists can be penalised for a number of different offences while on the motorway. The most common of which is for speeding and increasingly now more offences involving drivers using a phone while behind the wheel. However, there are some lesser known offences that motorists can be fined and land penalty points for across the […]

Motorway driving law – Can you be fined for getting out of your car during a traffic jam?

Motorways in the UK are prone to congestion and traffic jams especially during peak times or when there has been a serious accident. Certain accidents or incidents that occur on motorways on the road could cause traffic to standstill for hours. Sitting in a hot car for hours while you wait until the road reopens […]

Learner drivers are allowed to drive on the motorway from TODAY: Here’s how it affects you

GETTY Learner drivers will soon be allowed to take motorway driving lessons From today, learner drivers will be able to take lessons on the motorway in the UK. Any motorway lessons learner drivers take will be voluntary and not become a mandatory part of the learning and examination process and will not feature in the […]

Huge new motorway driving law will come into force on major UK roads TOMORROW

Learner drivers will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons from tomorrow June 4th 2018. The rule changes have been introduced to help new motorists equip themselves better to drive on the motorway, which can be daunting. It will also give learner drivers the chance to practise driving at higher speeds, understand motorway specific traffic […]

WATCH: Truck driver skids out of control on motorway – only for this to happen behind him

A viral video has captured two lorries struggling to drive on an icey motorway in China. The red lorry in front can be seen driving at speed when it tries to turn slightly. They quickly lose control on what appears to be an slippery road, perhaps due to the bad visibility and weather conditions. Their […]

WATCH: Bad driver brakes on busy motorway after missing exit – causing THIS to happen

A viral video has captured the moment a bad driver causes huge problems on a busy motorway. Filmed in China, a white car quickly brakes on a two-lane road, appearing to have missed the exit. They stop in the middle of the two lanes, despite a lorry speeding behind it. Oblivious to this, they stay […]

An elephant has died after a circus truck overturned on a motorway in Spain

El Digital de Albacete/YouTube A circus truck carrying five elephants overturned in southeastern Spain. One elephant died and two others were injured. Authorities rescued the surviving elephants with a crane. WARNING: Some images shown below are graphic in nature. An elephant has died after a circus truck overturned on a motorway in southeastern Spain. The […]

WATCH: Shocking moment off-road bikers perform DANGEROUS stunt on busy motorway

A viral video has been revealed by the police that shows two bikers nearly cause a dangerous crash on a busy motorway. Filmed on the M6, the bikes can be seen performing wheelies on the hard shoulder, before pulling out in front of cars. One car can be seen braking heavily as they nearly swerve […]

Millions of drivers risking £100 fine and three penalty points on the motorway everyday

A new study has revealed that millions of motorway drivers could be potentially putting themselves at risk of landing a £100 and three penalty points. The data from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that an average of half (50 per cent) of all vehicles travel in the middle lane and 27 per cent travel in […]