‘We crashed, but it's OK’: Passenger records dramatic VIDEO after airliner skids into river

A passenger recorded a short video after a Russian Boeing 787 slid off a runway in Sochi, crashing into a river and catching fire on both wings. “We crashed, but it’s OK, I guess,” a man can be heard calmly saying in a short clip recorded minutes after the airliner crashed into a river in […]

WATCH: Truck driver skids out of control on motorway – only for this to happen behind him

A viral video has captured two lorries struggling to drive on an icey motorway in China. The red lorry in front can be seen driving at speed when it tries to turn slightly. They quickly lose control on what appears to be an slippery road, perhaps due to the bad visibility and weather conditions. Their […]

WATCH: Scary moment plane skids over cliff edge as passengers ‘scream’ in panic

Watch this scary footage which shows the extraordinary crash, in which the white passenger plane skidded off the runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey. The plane, a Pegasus Airline Boeing 737, left the runway and instead hurtled down the side of the cliff face. Giving the term cliff hanger a terrifying real significance, the passenger […]

Bristol Airport flight cancellations as plane skids off runway – is your flight cancelled?

A plane has skidded off the runway at Bristol Airport. Flights to and from Bristol Airport have been cancelled. A list of cancellations has been published online. It is said the runway is unlikely to open until at least 19:00 today. Bristol Airport flights are cancelled today, December 22 2017, following a plane skidding off […]

WATCH: Plane loses control and skids off runway in SNOW weather chaos

Snow and heavy winds forced a plane off its course and then to slide out of control away from the runway, it has been revealed. The plane, which was travelling into an international airport in Moscow, experienced a dangerous landing due to the weather. A passenger captured the footage on his phone, taken from just after […]