Mickey Mouse will be public domain soon—here’s what that means

Enlarge / The copyright to The Great Gatsby—the 1925 novel, not the 2013 movie starring Leonardo di Caprio—will expire two years from today. (credit: Warner Bros. Picture) As the ball dropped over Times Square last night, all copyrighted works published in 1923 fell into the public domain (with a few exceptions). Everyone now has the […]

Disney Announces New Nighttime Spectaculars, ‘Ratatouille’ Adventure, Mickey Mouse Experiences & More

This morning, Disney Parks unveiled a bunch of new plans from D23 Destination D: Celebrating Mickey Mouse. We already covered the biggest news about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, including new music from John Williams and teasers of the upcoming attractions coming to the parks next year, but for all you Disney fans who may not […]

Love Series Finale Recap: Do Gus and Mickey Get Their Happily-Ever-After?

Warning: The follow contains spoilers from the series finale of Netflix’s Love. Love‘s series finale provides the ultimate closure by staging a last-minute wedding. RELATEDCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled? The episode begins with a long overdue breakup: Bertie dumps Randy to be with Chris. We then cut to the set of Witchita, where Susan approaches Gus […]

Meet The Line-Up of The ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Reboot

Meet the next generation’s Britney Spears or Ryan Gosling. Those stars were all part of the ’90s reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club, a Disney Channel entertainment space for aspiring singers, dancers, and performers. And yes, Ryan Gosling used to be a Disney star. Now The Micky Mouse Club is getting a 21st century reboot as a digital program […]

Facebook and Instagram are home to the new ‘Club Mickey Mouse’ show

The show that gave us Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Annette Funicello is getting retooled for modern audiences. Except instead of Club Mickey Mouse broadcasting on Disney Channel, like Mickey Mouse Club did before it, the show will stream exclusively on Facebook and Instagram, according to Variety. What’s more, the show’s first year […]

Disney to give Netflix the white-gloved Mickey middle finger in 2019

Enlarge / “O-ho! Oh boy! We’re leaving Netflix!” (credit: Aurich / Disney / Netflix) Disney’s latest quarterly report included a major announcement about its online video-streaming plans—and how sharply they will diverge from the company’s current Netflix partnership. Starting in 2019, Disney will operate its own paid video-streaming service. This news came about as Disney announced […]

First Mickey Mouse Theme Park Ride to Premiere at Walt Disney World [D23 Expo 2017]

After 89 years as Walt Disney World’s iconic mascot, Mickey Mouse will finally get a solo theme park attraction built entirely around him. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be Mickey’s Mouse’s first theme park attraction ever, despite the thousands of Hidden Mickey’s scattered across Walt Disney World and Disneyland rides throughout the country. But […]

Snowpiercer: Mickey Sumner Joins TNT Pilot Based on 2013 Thriller

Frances Ha standout Mickey Sumner has come aboard Snowpiercer, TNT’s forthcoming adaptation of the 2013 futuristic thriller, our sister site Deadline  reports. RELATEDJennifer Connelly to Star in Snowpiercer Series Adaptation at TNT Set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer  centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that […]