Legacies Recap: How the Necromancer Got His Groove Back — Plus, Have We Really Seen the Last of [Spoiler]?

RELATED STORIES If you told me that Thursday’s Legacies was secretly a backdoor pilot for a new spinoff about an ice cream-scooping, cat-resurrecting necromancer known simply as “Ted,” I would be elated. That’s pretty much how things shook out for The Necromancer after his brief visit to Mystic Falls in Season 1. As we learned […]

Arrow Boss Teases Oliver's New Groove, Two Origin Stories, All-Future Episode, Robert Queen's 'Return' and More

Oliver Queen’s got a brand new bag when The CW’s Arrow resumes Season 7 tonight at 8/7c. As revealed at the close of the (terrific) midseason finale, Star City’s infamous vigilante is now working unmasked as a consultant for the SCPD. That will stir conflicts, showrunner Beth Schwartz says in the Q&A below, as well […]

How sherry got its groove back: The Spanish fortified wine is fashionable once again

GETTY Majestic reported a surge in sales of sherry by more than 40% this year We tend to associate the tipple with our parents, grandparents and maiden aunts.  Ask most people to give an opinion and they will dismiss sherry as something sweet and alcoholic to be sipped under sufferance or poured into a retro […]

How Marianne St-Gelais got her groove back

Marianne St-Gelais admits she has a big personality.  She’s one of those people who talks to everybody and is constantly smiling. “I think it comes from my mom,” says the Canadian short track speed skating star, who describes her mother, Francine, as easy-going and positive. “We’re all like that,” St-Gelais says of the women in […]

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: How Annalise Got Her Groove Back

Considering what she’s gone through in the last three years — or even the last six months, really — Annalise Keating could really use a win. And in Thursday’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, she finally got one. Of course, the ABC drama isn’t really big on letting its characters feel happiness […]

Microsoft getting out of the music biz, moving Groove subs to Spotify

Enlarge / Groove Music. (credit: Microsoft) Microsoft announced today that it’s getting out of the online music business. Music purchases in the Windows Store will cease, and the Groove Music Pass subscription service is also ending. The company says that it will continue to develop the Groove Music app (formerly known as Xbox Music) for […]

‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’: The Moment the Series Found Its Groove

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is maybe the purest Fast and Furious movie. For starters, there’s a real passion for driving in Justin Lin‘s sequel; it’s not about saving the world. It’s still a crime story, but a crime story with a whole lot of impassioned drifting – all of which Vin Diesel was originally meant to […]