This female CEO is trying to defeat loneliness — and robots are part of her plan

No Isolation Loneliness affects 20-40% of the entire population at some point. Everyone from a four-year-old child to an 80-year-old in a care home can feel lonely. Loneliness also has a negative impact on your health, causing stress, and even heart problems. The burden of loneliness on the entire population is huge. Karen Dolva, the […]

How Do You Stop a Plague of Loneliness?

The investigators knock, then enter the detritus-riven apartment. It is the home of a man who hanged himself, a man nobody discovered for two years because nobody came to check, and because Sweden’s ubiquitous automatic bill-pay system never stopped debiting his rent. “Sometimes I wonder why we are so unhappy,” murmurs the investigator, staring out […]

An Epidemic of Loneliness — Among Lawyers and Doctors

Katie Davis spends her afternoons and evenings in therapy sessions with kids. As a clinical psychologist in private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Davis helps young patients through severe anxiety, mood disorders and other mental health challenges in order to improve their educational attainment. She says she’s “taking on all of their struggles,” and […]

Diabetes warning: Loneliness could 'more than DOUBLE risk of Type 2 diabetes'

GETTY Scientists think that having an active social life can lower the risk of developing diabetes In a wide-ranging study, scientists found that people who went out to clubs or mixed in groups significantly reduced their chances of suffering from the potentially deadly Type 2 diabetes. And those who were socially isolated were much more […]