How Do You Stop a Plague of Loneliness?

The investigators knock, then enter the detritus-riven apartment. It is the home of a man who hanged himself, a man nobody discovered for two years because nobody came to check, and because Sweden’s ubiquitous automatic bill-pay system never stopped debiting his rent. “Sometimes I wonder why we are so unhappy,” murmurs the investigator, staring out […]

Omen Exitio: Plague Offers Lovecraftian Terrors And Gamebook Choices

Lovecraftian horror and interactive fiction have a long history, from the 1998 text adventure Anchorhead to the charming creepiness of Fallen London. Tiny Bull Studios’ Omen Exitio: Plague continues that legacy, both of the horror of the dreadful unknown and of the gamebook, presenting players with myriad choices to make, stats to manage, and nightmares […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Acid attack fears plague auditions as bosses take drastic action

Members of the audience attending the audition phase of Britain’s Got Talent have been subjected to extra checks entering the building, reports the Daily Star. The auditions, that were being held at the London Palladium, are said to have a substantial amount of extra security compared to previous years. The security has been brought in […]

Mysterious explosion of a deadly plague may come down to a sugar in ice cream

Enlarge (credit: Zechariah Judy) In the early 2000s, a deadly gut infection began to surge. After decades of lurking in intestines and hospitals—more opportunistic nuisance than lethal threat—the bacterium Clostridium difficile abruptly exploded, spreading rapidly and causing more severe diarrheal disease than ever before. By 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that […]

Kodi SHOCK as ‘How to Stream Sky Sports for FREE’ tutorials plague YouTube

GETTY • YOUTUBE Tutorials purporting to show How To Stream Sky Sports On Kodi have plagued YouTube YouTube tutorials teaching Kodi users to pirate live content from the likes of Sky Sports, BT Sport, and more, is available to watch for free. Searching YouTube for videos about streaming Sky Sports on the Kodi platform returns […]

Ibiza invaded by RATS and cockroaches in ‘plague’ chaos at popular British holiday spot

Ibiza has become invaded by a “plague” of rats, according to local Spanish news reports.  Dozens of the infectious rodents have invaded the city of Ibiza’s Es Pla de Vila area on the coast.  Rat corpses are being left on the pavements, while for months, residents living on the popular tourist island have shared photos […]