‘Dance of hate’: Release of Islamic State-supporting preacher will fuel extremism, experts warn

The impending release of convicted Islamic State-supporting hate preacher Anjem Choudary could heighten the threat from both Islamists and the far-right, counter-extremism experts have warned. The Faith Matters counter-extremism network, quoted in the Independent, warned Choudary is a part of a “dance of hate where the only ones to profit have been the extremists.” Read […]

Trump pivots to confronting Iran with the ‘fire and fury’ approach — and it could crush the Islamic republic

President Donald Trump told Iran to stop threatening the US or it would suffer historically epic consequences. Trump was responding to a statement by Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani described a potential conflict with the US as ‘the mother of all wars,’ but also offered a vision of peace. Trump’s administration has visibly begun a […]

Philippines to increase supervision of Islamic schools over radicalization fears

Authorities in the Philippines will standardize teaching in both public and private Islamic schools due to concerns over radicalization in the country after last year’s terrorist siege in the city of Marawi, AP reported. The country will implement an “institutionalized madrassa system” with a standard curriculum and greater oversight from the Department of Education, Defense […]

Sweden cracking down on Islamic schools that don’t support gender equality

Sweden is cracking down on schools that do not support gender equality, according to the country’s education minister. The initiative is part of the government’s overall plan to remove religious influence from schools in general. Gustav Fridolin said Sunday that he has launched an inquiry into tightening the regulation of independent religious schools, by stopping […]

French Islamic school teacher jailed for beating & shaving off student’s ‘un-Koranic’ blonde hair

An Islamic school teacher in France has been sentenced to one year in jail for brutally beating his 12-year-old student and for shaving off the boy’s “non-Koranic” hair, which was colored blonde. The teacher, along with three other men, was convicted of kidnapping and violence against a minor by the Pontoise criminal court on Friday, […]

US agents untrained to vet Islamic radicals, have poor grasp of jihadist threat, experts warn

US law enforcers aren’t trained to detect Islamic radicals, which enabled a suspected Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist to remain off the radar in America for seven years, attorney Jennifer Breedon told RT. Saudi national, Naif Abdulaziz Alfallaj, who trained at the Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan together with some of the 9/11 plane hijackers, was detained in Oklahoma […]

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, accused of rape, arrested in Paris

An Oxford professor accused of rape has been arrested in Paris. Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan has had multiple rape allegations made against him since November, and was suspended by the world’s top university as a result. The senior research fellow of St. Antony’s College was accused in November of rape by French author Henda Ayari. […]

German woman sentenced to death in Iraq for joining Islamic State

An Iraqi criminal court has ruled that a German woman of Moroccan descent should incur the death penalty for joining Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), according to the court’s spokesman. The case marks the first time a foreign woman has been sentenced to death in Iraq for joining the group, as Reuters reports. The woman, […]

A bond dispute threatens the future of Islamic finance

STOCKMARKETS in the Gulf do not observe Christian holidays, but still had a generally quiet day on December 25th. Shares in Dana Gas, an exploration business listed in Abu Dhabi, however, did make some noise, leaping by 13.2% on Christmas Day, to complete a buoyant six months for the stock (see chart). The surge may […]

Houston teen booked on terrorism charges, accused of trying to help Islamic State

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 05:01 An 18-year-old from Houston, Texas, made his first court appearance Monday, after he was arrested Friday and charged with distributing explosive-making instructions, and trying to provide material to the Islamic State (IS formerly known as ISIS/ISIL). Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya  provided directions to FBI agents posing as IS supporters on […]