Why You Won’t See New Amsterdam’s ‘Lost’ Influenza Outbreak Episode

RELATED STORIES While New Amsterdam battles COVID in Season 3, the NBC medical drama’s flu pandemic episode from last season will remain (mostly) unseen. Last March, the show opted to pull from the schedule an installment about an influenza outbreak in the wake of the real-world global coronavirus crisis. “The world needs a lot less […]

Influenza has killed 3 unvaccinated Sask. preschoolers so far this season: public health officials

Health officials are pleading with families to get flu shots, with hospitalization rates for the flu this season highest for children under age nine. Only one in three Saskatchewan toddlers has had the vaccine, the provincial health authority says.

Aussie flu MAPPED: Countries across the globe hit by influenza virus – with cases rising

AUSSIE flu is just one of the strains of influenza causing havoc around the world at the moment – symptoms are the same as normal flu but considered more severe. As well as causing havoc in the UK the virus has spread globally, and the countries to see an increase in the number of cases […]

Flu tactics: New study reveals how influenza A attacks & hijacks human cells

Published time: 6 May, 2017 23:23 A study identifying the little-studied ways of how flu viruses hijack human cells and spread infection throughout the body has been published by a New York team of researchers. It could give insight into brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Scientists from Icahn School of Medicine at […]