In the second half of 2022, key leaders emerge across diverse industries

SPONSORED PRESS RELEASE: Presented by Imperium Group What a difference half a year makes. Back in January, the world was still holding its collective breath, wondering how economies would recover from a global pandemic and recession. That question has been answered, with innovators stepping forward to take multiple industries into new directions, i…Read More

6 Months Inside One of America’s Most Dangerous Industries

This article was published online on June 14, 2021. On the morning of May 25, 2019, a food-safety inspector at a Cargill meatpacking plant in Dodge City, Kansas, came across a disturbing sight. In an area of the plant called the stack, a Hereford steer had, after being shot in the forehead with a bolt […]

Millennials are wrecking havoc on these 18 industries

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Millennials’ indifference or outright disdain have sent a wide range of industries into a slump in recent years.   From golf equipment makers to razor manufacturers, changing millennial tastes have hit some companies hard.  Here’s a list of industries that are struggling to keep up.  Millennials have been blamed for a lot.  But, […]

NVIDIA focuses on AI in the internet and for industries

NVIDIA’s graphics technology is useful for a lot more than just lining up pixels on gamer’s monitors, and in a presentation at the GPU Technology Conference, CEO Jensen Huang revealed a few more layers of its plans. The Jetson Xavier platform unveiled earlier this year for autonomous robots and cars is rolling out, and now […]

Here are 8 industries that older Americans destroyed — proving you can’t blame millennials for everything

WikiCommons/Jeff Boyce Millennials have been accused of killing dozens of industries including fast-casual restaurants, napkins, golf, and beer.  Baby boomers — the name given to the generation born after World War II — are credited with ushering in lots of political and social change. And with those changes, some industries faded out and eventually died.  We've […]

Universities and legacy industries are giving rise to the Midwest’s AI startups

ANALYSIS: Despite the promise artificial intelligence holds to transform many facets of American life, the majority of artificial intelligence companies are still concentrated in traditional tech hubs. According to a Glassdoor analysis from November, 30 percent of open jobs at the time that included the words “artificial intelligence, “…Read More

How various industries are taking advantage of drones to increase efficiency and cut costs

Drones — also commonly referred to as unmanned aircraft — are no longer a cool, new novelty that companies in only a handful of industries are testing. Businesses across various industries and levels of government in the US are utilizing at least a handful of drones. But more importantly, drone users are now realizing a […]

These 8 industries have been threatened by Amazon’s domination (AMZN)

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that Amazon is “putting many thousands of retailers out of business.”  Amazon‘s aggressive expansion into new industries has terrified competitors.  Here are eight industries threatened by Amazon’s growth, from shoe stores to healthcare businesses.  President Donald Trump seems determined to take down Amazon as the […]

Arundo Analytics Raises $25M Series A Funding to Bring Large-Scale Machine Learning Into Asset-Heavy Industries

PRESS RELEASE: Purpose-Built Platform for Deep Industrial Data Science Plans for Global Expansion Enables Heavy Industries to Drive Business Value from Operating Data in Days Instead of Months HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 25, 2018– Arundo Analytics, a software company powering advanced analytics in heavy industry, announced today an initial closing of $ 25 million on its Series […]