Rick and Morty theories: Fans expose hilarious way Rick always identifies himself

So far this season fans have been treated to parodies of the time travel genre, heist thrillers and fantasy epics. However, the onslaught of fan theories like this have led some to believe Rick and Morty will introduce some major revelations in the latter half of the current season. No exact release date has been […]

Google model identifies restaurants that could give you food poisoning

Google could soon tell you which restaurants are more likely to give you food poisoning, thanks to an algorithm that can identify lapses in food safety in near real time. Working with researchers from Harvard University, Google tested a machine-learned model in Chicago and Las Vegas to identify user search queries such as “stomach cramps” […]

DOJ identifies mail bomb suspect as Cesar Sayoc, could face up to 58 years in jail (VIDEO)

Identified as Cesar Sayoc, the suspect in mail bomb case has been charged with 5 federal crimes and faces up to 58 years in prison, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, stressing the defendant is “innocent until proven guilty.” Sessions described the sending of explosive devices as “utterly unacceptable,” adding that “political violence or threat […]

A $165 billion investment chief identifies the ‘single winner’ in a market that’s made a drastic U-turn from last year

GAM The stock market has resumed its normal, sharp swings in both directions after a historically quiet year. Amid the volatility in February and March, a “single winner” emerged, according to Larry Hatheway, the head of investment solutions and chief group economist at GAM. “With the advent of two-way markets, where people who buy stocks can make […]

Nvidia Inception identifies the top 4 AI startups for autonomous systems

Nvidia created its Inception program to identify the best artificial intelligence startups — those that will change the world and tap the computing power of Nvidia’s graphics processing unit (GPU) and AI processors. To that end, the company created a contest with a $ 1 million prize pool and entertained pitches from more than 200 […]

Russia identifies mastermind of St. Petersburg Metro bombing – FSB chief

Published time: 20 Apr, 2017 11:41 The Russian investigation into a bombing attack in a St. Petersburg Metro train has managed to identify the person who ordered the attack, the head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) said. Aleksandr Bortnikov confirmed on Thursday the identification of the mastermind of the attack, which killed 15 people […]