Russian woman punishes ‘manspreading’ metro riders with bleach-laced water (VIDEO)

A self-described “public activist” in Russia has taken a stand against patriarchal sitting habits, appearing in a video that she claims shows “manspreading” metro passengers being punished with bottles of bleach-laced water. Anna Dovgalyuk, who previously gained notoriety for fighting upskirting by flashing her underwear, has now felt it necessary to take a stand against […]

DC metro scraps plan for special trains for Unite the Right demonstrators after workers protest

Washington’s Metrorail authorities have abandoned the idea of providing dedicated trains for white nationalists expected to descend on the capital on the anniversary of Charlottesville riots after it was slammed by a trade union. “Metro will not be having a separate train, or a separate car, or anything separate for anybody at this event that […]

Messi on the Metro: Over 14mn passengers watch World Cup games on Moscow underground

More than 14 million passengers have watched World Cup games on the screens installed on Moscow Metro trains, according to the city authorities. A total of 8,720 screens installed on 1,896 carriages of the Metro system have been showing games throughout the tournament – giving passengers a chance not to miss any of the World […]

Metro Exodus world premiere: Could this be the Half-Life 3 we always wanted?

Enlarge / A dive into a Metro Exodus sewer leads to this creature, which 4A Games calls a “humanimal.” This image was provided by the publisher, however, and looks touched up compared to the two hours of gameplay we tested before E3. (credit: 4A Games) SANTA MONICA, Calif.—The Ukrainian game developers at 4A Games don’t […]

‘I wasn’t sober’: Russian metro guard puts gun to head of ‘terrorist’ in middle of station (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 21:14 A St. Petersburg man has been fired from his job as a metro security guard and charged with hooliganism after he drunkenly held up an innocent passenger on suspicion of being a terrorist for at a busy underground station. The incident, which has gone public after CCTV footage of […]

‘Human error’: Indian driverless metro train plows through depot wall (VIDEO)

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 16:33 Edited time: 19 Dec, 2017 16:34 A driverless train on the New Delhi Metro has crashed during test run, with a carriage plowing through a depot wall. An inquiry has been launched, with metro officials citing “human error” as the main cause of the incident. The new automatically-operated train […]

Los Angeles taps a shuttle service to get riders to Metro stops

Most people find a short walk to and from a public transportation stop pretty reasonable, but the further away that stop is from their home or their destination, the less convenient it becomes. Well the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) wants to close that first mile/last mile gap and it’s doing so in […]