‘Trombone Champ’ Realistically (& Hilariously) Trains Tooting Skills

Trombone Champ will have you working your arm back and forth as you play a variety of different trombone tunes in this (kinda ridiculous) rhythm game. This game gives you a bunch… The post ‘Trombone Champ’ Realistically (& Hilariously) Trains Tooting Skills appeared first on Indie Games Plus.

Japan’s largest warship trains with US naval strike group in contested South China Sea

Japan’s newest helicopter carrier, Kaga, has trained with the USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group, showcasing its military might during a tour in the contested South China Sea, amid tensions between Beijing and US-backed Tokyo. The two navies practiced sailing in formation and joint maneuvering on Friday. The ships also trained in replenishment-at-sea procedures. The drill […]

DC metro scraps plan for special trains for Unite the Right demonstrators after workers protest

Washington’s Metrorail authorities have abandoned the idea of providing dedicated trains for white nationalists expected to descend on the capital on the anniversary of Charlottesville riots after it was slammed by a trade union. “Metro will not be having a separate train, or a separate car, or anything separate for anybody at this event that […]

The London startup that solved one of the most annoying things about flying is now branching out into trains

Shutterstock Airportr is a start-up that picks up air passengers’ luggage from their doorstep and checks it in for them at London airports. The firm is now branching out into trains, partnering with Go Ahead to create an integrated app where you can book baggage pick-up and train tickets in the same place. Airportr CEO […]

THEN AND NOW: Photos that show how glamorous traveling on trains used to be

Ron Case/Getty Images and Mark Makela/Getty Images Planes may get you where you’re going more quickly, but there’s something to be said about taking the scenic route aboard a train. While you might have romantic notions about riding the rails, train travel isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when people packed […]

Travellers face days of strikes on trains

The strikes add further misery for passengers as hundreds of services have been cancelled by Northern and Govia Thameslink Railway since new timetables were introduced on May 20. Northern has axed 165 daily services until the end of July. Areas affected include Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool. The dispute has been raging for over two years […]

Eurostar update: The following trains have been cancelled TODAY

On Monday evening the French railway workers, employed by the company SNCF, began their three-month walkout. Dubbed “Black Tuesday” yesterday saw widespread chaos across the French railway network with multiple trains across the country cancelled causing long delays on the few services that are running. The Eurostar has also been caught up in the action […]

Easter travel 2018: Are trains cancelled? Which stations are shut? Will the roads be busy?

Easter travel this weekend is to be affected by a number of train strikes and engineering work carried out across the county. Millions will also be taking to the roads with more engineering works and speed restrictions on some of the main motorways. But what trains are cancelled and which roads should be avoided? Train […]

Easter travel: Northern Rail strike – when is it and are trains cancelled?

Easter weekend for many will begin today, as Britons leave the office today in light of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Northern Rail has confirmed that industrial action is to take place today, following on from Monday where a 24-hour walkout occurred following a dispute over train guards. When will the strike take place and […]