Lucy Worsley sparked Brexit debate over ‘King Henry VIII laying foundation for leaving EU’

Reformation: Expert draws parallels with Brexit Britain The TV historian returns to screens tonight on the BBC show Blitz Spirit With Lucy Worsley, which explores World War 2 through six survivors’ accounts. The 47-year-old has delved into the deep crevices of the past to unearth little-known information and, at times, dispel historic mistruths. In one […]

‘EU failed us, Turkey doesn’t need it anymore,’ says Erdogan

Published time: 1 Oct, 2017 19:14 The Turkish president says his country has outgrown its need for EU membership which has been characterized by rocky accession talks over the course of 12 years. Recep Erdogan also accused Europe of harboring terrorists. Read more “To tell the truth, we don’t need EU membership anymore,” he told […]

‘EU needs to sort itself out first!’ Not all on-board Juncker’s grand vision of closer integration

The European Commission President has painted an ambitious image of a federalist Europe during his state of the union address, urging the EU to “catch the wind in its sails.” But outside Brussels, Jean-Claude Juncker’s plans will face uncompromising opponents as well as hidden reservations among stated allies. Among the key proposals put forward by […]

‘EU chief Juncker’s trying to get me sacked,’ says Brexit secretary David Davis

Brexit secretary David Davis has accused European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker of trying to get him “sacked” after a series of negative briefings about him were leaked. Davis claims leaked reports last week following a now infamous meeting between Prime Minister Theresa May and Juncker were intended to undermine him and the Conservative Party ahead […]

‘Hope of EU’? European elites flock to praise Macron, some call for Le Pen’s defeat

The French establishment and leading EU politicians, including Francois Hollande and Federica Mogherini, have rushed to praise Emmanuel Macron ahead of the presidential runoff vote. Some have openly called for the defeat of his rival, Marine Le Pen. Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES Despite both candidates being neck-and-neck in the first round of the French election, […]

‘No transfers’ of asylum-seekers from Germany back to Hungary until it follows ‘EU norms’

Following the adoption of restrictive new immigration laws in Hungary last month, Germany has said it will no longer transfer asylum-seekers to the country unless Budapest guarantees they will be treated in compliance with EU regulations. “In cases of Dublin transfers to Hungary, an assurance must be sought ensuring that the transferred person would be […]