China’s gene-edited babies experiment violated western ethics norms. But China is writing is own.

Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo Chinese scientist He Jiankui shocked the world with his recent claim that he modified the genes of two babies. However, his methods of achieving a medical breakthrough are consistent with China’s culture of innovation at any cost. While many scientists follow Western standards of medicine and innovation, China may decide to go […]

‘Digital freedom shouldn’t mean impunity’: Putin calls for creation of universal cyberspace norms

President Vladimir Putin has praised the G20 push against cybercrime and urged the leaders of major economies to draft international norms and regulations, under the auspices of the UN, that would not infringe on civil liberties. The G20 summit taking place in Hamburg will see an unprecedented drive by the world’s largest economies to establish […]

‘No transfers’ of asylum-seekers from Germany back to Hungary until it follows ‘EU norms’

Following the adoption of restrictive new immigration laws in Hungary last month, Germany has said it will no longer transfer asylum-seekers to the country unless Budapest guarantees they will be treated in compliance with EU regulations. “In cases of Dublin transfers to Hungary, an assurance must be sought ensuring that the transferred person would be […]