Car insurance WARNING: Errors that could leave thousands of drivers without valid cover

Car insurance is designed to protect you while on the road and the way the premium is calculated is based on a number of factors. Premiums can range from a couple of hundred pounds a year to thousands every year and will protect you in the event of an accident or if you need to […]

Fortnite Waiting in Queue errors on PS4 and Xbox One UPDATE

The development team are currently trying to fix several issues affecting Fortnite servers tonight. Players who are seeing Fortnite Waiting in Queue error messages are the lucky ones who have been able to log in. Others are still unable to get past that section of the sign in process, although it appears things are improving. […]

Fortnite matchmaking DOWN: Waiting in Queue errors with server issues

Server issues have returned to Fortnite matchmaking services today. Epic Games have confirmed that some of the game’s core services are currently down, with the support team investigating. “We’re experiencing an issue with our matchmaking services,” Epic Games posted to Twitter. “To help relieve some pressure we’ve applied a cooldown in between matches and temporarily […]

Fortnite servers and matchmaking update: Waiting in Queue errors return

Fortnite players have seen problems hit their Battle Royale games tonight. Servers have been reported down, with matchmaking disabled for many. While the problems seemed to be easing off now, it’s likely that Waiting in Queue message will stay in place for a while longer. “We’re experiencing some issues with our matchmaking services. You may […]

PUBG Servers DOWN: Busy server status and maintenance errors hit Battle Royale game

Busy server errors are being confirmed tonight by players trying to login into PUBG. PUBG servers are reportedly down for a wide range of players, based around the world. It’s unclear what is causing the current outage, with no known Battlegrounds maintenance planned for tonight. Bluehole Inc. just released a statement confirming that there are […]

Xbox One DOWN: Xbox Live status hit by new 0x87e107f9 and communication errors

Xbox One server issues started this past hour for many gamers trying to access core services. Many are seeing Xbox Live error status messages, showing codes like 0x87e107f9. “Getting error code 0x87e107f9,” one fan posted online.  “Xbox help center doesn’t recognize the error code. Also receiving an error station Communication with the Xbox Live servers […]

The Chase: Bradley Walsh snaps after series of disastrous errors 'Are you winding me up?'

Jenny, also known as The Vixen, failed to correctly answer a series of questions, helping contestant Allan make it back for the final chase. Contestant Allan had only opted for £5,000, thinking Jenny would be harder to beat. However, one particular question left Bradley in a jovial rage. The question read: “The Olympic symbol for […]