PUBG Mobile UPDATE: Server Status down as Tencent prepare new patch

Tencent has started the process of updating PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS. This will start with the PUBG servers going down, something that has already been confirmed as happening. This new server maintenance will continue for much of the night and will be followed by another announcement from Tencent on their official update plans. […]

PUBG Mobile Vikendi update DOWNLOAD live as release countdown begins

The PUBG Mobile Vikendi update is a little different from other map expansions, which has led to some confusion over when it will playable. Players will have already seen multiple updates made to the game, none of which has allowed for the launch of the new snow map. So there are a few things to […]

PUBG Vikendi update begins on PC following PUBG Mobile snow map release news

Bluehole Inc. has begun the process of releasing the next major PUBG update on PC. It has been confirmed that a lengthy period of maintenance is required before the new Vikendi snow map can go live. The good news is that this process has already begun and will be ready in time for many in […]

PUBG Mobile update DOWNLOAD live as fans wait on Vikendi release date plans

The latest PUBG Mobile Vikendi update news (Image: TENCENT) UPDATE TWO: It has now been confirmed that the PUBG Mobile update on Android and iOS has started to go live in multiple regions. Players are starting to see the new 0.10.0 update appear in their App Stores, however, it hasn’t reached everyone yet. And those that have […]

PUBG Mobile Vikendi UPDATE: Latest news and reveals of new Tencent map

PUBG Mobile continues to prove popular with fans following its launch on Android and iOS earlier this year. This has been helped along by a dedicated core group of players who can enjoy the game on both mobile devices and PC emulator. Plenty of new content has been launched in 2018, including two new maps, […]

‘PUBG Mobile’ is getting a ‘Resident Evil 2’ crossover

PUBG Mobile is gearing up for another high-profile crossover just months after its Mission Impossible: Fallout event. This time it’s trading in the secret agent thrills for bucketloads of gore courtesy of a Resident Evil 2 mash-up. The news was teased by the Japanese Resident Evil Twitter account with a found footage-style CCTV feed that […]

PUBG on PS4: Battlegrounds hits PlayStation Store with pre order bonuses

It’s been a long time coming, but PUBG now has a release date on PS4 and PS4 Pro. The absence of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PlayStation consoles helped fuel Fortnite Battle Royale to major success. Now, PUGB will look to make up ground on PS4 and PS4 Pro on December 7. This is when the game’s […]

PUBG PS4 RELEASE DATE revealed: HUGE new Battlegrounds launch update for PlayStation

PUBG appears to finally have a release date on PS4. New reports suggest that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will make its PlayStation 4 debut in December. According to a new post on Resetera, PUBG game files have been found on the European and North American PSN stores. Administrator ZhugeEX seemingly confirms the reports, telling users that the […]

PUBG Mobile update time: Servers DOWN as Tencent reveal 0.9 release news, download plans

PUBG Mobile update 0.9 arrives this week (Image: TENCENT) PUBG Mobile servers are going offline for an extended period, to make way for a new patch. The latest news shared by the Tencent team suggests this new scheduled maintenance will last for several hours. An in-game warning states that PUBG Mobile servers will be down […]